Bucks County Chocolate Show: Laurie’s Chocolates

It all started with drinks, chocolate drinks to be specific. Laurie Douglass got into chocolate through hot cocoa. Then it was chocolate making classes, and more classes, and, well, you know how it goes. Nine years later and a couple of states later, she’s making four kinds of hot cocoa, buttercrunch toffee, caramels, truffles and more. This is Laurie’s Chocolates, a home-based business right here in Central Bucks County.

I started with the Hot Cocoa Bar (what a lovely idea!). Dark Hot Cocoa Mix with cinnamon marshmallow, topped with dark and white chocolate shavings. It’s made with Laurie’s Buckingham Blend, her first hot cocoa creation. The cocoa combines black and rouge cocoas with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla powder. If that doesn’t grab you, how about Chocolate Dreams , ChocoMinty or Kickin’ Cayenne cocoa?

Then there’s the chocolates – salted caramels, Merlot truffles, Bark, Buckeyes (Ohio’s famous chocolate treat made of peanut butter balls dipped in milk chocolate). Laurie uses local wines, honey, butter and cream, as well as high quality varietal chocolates and cocoas. Cinnamon caramels, Turtles, brownie truffles and much more.

You can buy Laurie’s Chocolates locally at None Such Farm Market (Buckingham), Maximuck’s Farm Market (Doylestown), The Larder (Doylestown) and The Chocolate Box (Lambertville, NJ).

Laurie’s Chocolates
web: www.laurieschocolates.com
email: laurieschocolates@yahoo.com
215.756.3631 or 215.340.7676

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