Bucks County Chocolate Show: Didi’s Chocolates

As it turns out, Didi Mercier and I have known each other for a long time. Something clicked when I saw her name. That’s because Didi Mercier has been making delicious, sweet things for a long time. We actually worked at an auto parts store company over 15 years ago – me doing training and development, Didi doing data entry. It was her first reentry into the workplace after raising her children. She had worked as a pastry chef for Chef Tell Erhardt, and at several fine restaurants. I heard this and ordered a birthday cake from her, much to my delight. It was clear to me – and to Didi – that this was her passion. We both moved on, and Didi continued working on her own, selling exquisite cakes and pastries with fine ingredients to restaurants.

Once we rediscovered our connection, she filled in the rest, sharing how she got into her newer business – making fine, handcrafted chocolates. Didi, a long-time resident of Bedminster, completed the Professional Chocolatier Program at Ecole Chocolate, a chocolatier school in Canada. Then she started working at Jamie Hollander’s Gourmet Foods in New Hope, to get their pastry kitchen up and running. There she began playing around with his tempering machine and making gourmet chocolates for the store. Didi’s chocolate business began in earnest about a year ago, and with the formal launching of her new website, she’s branching out to new vendors and direct selling online.

Didi works hard to find all natural ingredients, using rich Belgian chocolate with delicious fillings like triple caramel, coconut, hazelnut gianduja, peanut butter and almonds. You can see the influence of her pastry background in her Chocolate Bars with Filling, or her Chocolate Squares & Ganache, with flavors like raspberry-infused or orange-infused chocolate.

You can find Didi’s chocolates at Jamie Hollander’s, as well as online at www.DidisChocolates.com. They are as beautiful as they are delicious, packaged perfectly for special gifts…or Mother’s Day.

Didi’s Chocolates
608 Elephant Road
Perkasie, PA 18944
web: www.DidisChocolates.com
email: love@didischocolates.com

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