Advertise With Bucks County Taste

Advertise with Bucks County Taste

How can we help?

If your aim is to reach folks who are very interested in local services, food, restaurants, and more, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our demographics (as tracked by are impressive; our audience tends to be more female, affluent (over $100K/year income), over 35 years old, married, and college-educated. We are tapping into the growing niche markets of local interest and local food.

Growing steadily over the past ten years, we continue to promote Bucks County Taste with advertising, on Facebook and Twitter, in a weekly newsletter, and at area events. We also publish fresh content several times per week, keeping traffic flowing to the website, and “eyeballs” looking at your advertisement.

Getting Started

Look at this site and see the advertisement sizes and placement that interest you. Then we can discuss the options that work best for your business. We have creative options for all budgets. With a click, readers can go to your website from your advert.

Ad Design Assistance

Web advertisements are brief and to the point. Think visual and few words. What will grab viewers and want them to know more? What will draw them in? We’ll work with you to design a good ad, or you can provide one.

Results, Not Vague Numbers

We can measure how many times our pages are viewed, how many impressions your ad receives and how many times readers “click through” to your website. We can even supply you with a monthly report of these numbers. (Can print publications provide that for you?)

It is our sincere hope that we can help your business be more successful by reaching your customers more effectively. We think the internet and Bucks County Taste, with its targeted audience interested in local food and services, can do that. Here’s to your success!

If you are interested in advertising with Bucks County Taste please email us to discuss the best option for your business. It’s an inexpensive way to reach consumers in Bucks County—and beyond—who love food, and supporting local businesses. Please click here:

We use to measure our demographics, engagement, shopping interests, geographic reach and more. Click here to view.