Kindle Café at Shad Fest

An addendum to our calendar post about Shad Fest. If fried stuff with stuff isn’t your idea of a healthy lunch, check out Kindle Café’s food booth at Shad Fest. Yummy, vegetarian/vegan, locally sourced food. Here’s what Chef Vince will be serving up!


Southwestern – guacamole, grilled zucchini, brown rice,
chipotle chick peas, roasted onion & tomato salsa

Surf & Turf -grilled asparagus, nori seaweed, baked tofu, roasted mushrooms,
caramelized onions, quinoa, millet with Old-Bay cashew cream sauce

Indian – sweet & gold potatoes, spinach, green lentils, jasmine rice,
golden beets, carrots, fennel, ginger, garlic, parsley-almond chutney

(all wraps are wheat flour tortillas)


Spearmint Iced Tea – rooibos, spearmint, black tea

Ginger Lemonade – lemons, ginger, agave nectar


Banana Chocolate Chip Bar – bananas, semi-sweet chocolate chips,
steel cut oats, whole wheat flour, agave nectar, grape seed oil, salt

Peanut Butter Blondie – chunky peanut butter, grape seed oil,
agave nectar, whole wheat flour, salt

Kindle Cafe will be located in the food court, booth #610 between Kline’s Court & South Union Sts. on both days of Shad Fest, 12 – 5 pm.

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