2014 – Best wings in (Upper) Bucks

HIckory Kitchen wing; photo credit Lynne Goldman
Every year we welcome the Viper Club’s pick of the best wings in (Upper) Bucks County. While we at Bucks County Taste love a good wing, we bow to the expertise of Jack Scott and his wing-eating partner, Brent Gobrecht. Their rating system gives points for everything from the quality of the chicken, how it’s prepared and presented, the amount of “heat,” the flavor of the sauce to even the value and price of the plate of wings. Oh, and it needs to be served in a bar. Enjoy!

by guest blogger Jack Scott,

Samuel Johnson wrote, “”There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.” And we are fortunate to live in an area that is filled with good taverns.

I met Brent Gobrecht (the other founder of the ViperClub) outside one of our favorite starting points, the Raven’s Nest near Lake Nockamixon. We knocked the mud off our shoes and headed inside to go over the day’s game plan.

The year was coming to an end and there was no clear winner of the Best Wings in Upper Bucks County. With our traditional toast to the country warming our souls and lubricating our vocal chords, we mapped out the day.

This was going to be a tough one. Two taverns were already tied for first place. Two others were tied for second. We needed to head back to some of our favorite wing places and make some tough calls.

Hickory Kitchen wings; photo credit Lynne GoldmanNormally I like to conclude these stories with our Honorable Mentions, but this year I’d like to begin with them. First is Hickory Kitchen in Doylestown. Mike Markowitz and his team are onto something quite new with their BBQ method. He has created a style of BBQ that competes with the best of Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, and the Carolinas. [See our previous post “A different chicken wing” here]

We’d also like to mention the Piper Tavern in Pipersville. While not truly wings, the Piper Tavern serves up a boneless chicken finger with a caliente sauce that is outstanding.

Finally, just over the Montgomery County Line, nestled in the borough of Telford, is the Rising Sun Inn. This quaint place should be a priority stop for any chicken wing lover. For those would-be ghost hunters, be sure to ask the staff at the Rising Sun about Mary.

As a judge, it’s often hard to overlook your personal favorites and stick only to the numbers. McCoole’s at the Red Lion Inn in Quakertown has always been one of my favorites and if there was ever a place I rooted for, it’s McCoole’s. I once lived around the corner from McCoole’s and they’ve always been my go-to place. If anyone takes these ratings seriously, it is the owner and cooks at McCoole’s. Great wings. Great staff. No question. This year McCoole’s at the Red Lion Inn scored third place.

The Mesquito Grille in Doylestown has always been a public favorite and I’m happy to announce they landed in the number two spot. Located at the intersection of State and Court Streets, the Mesquito Grille caters to a younger crowd. They have some unique sauces to try, like the “Frankensauce” and “Andrew’s Spicy Garlic Parmesan.” The wings are cooked well with a nice crisp.

The Naceville Hotel has continued to climb up the list over the past few years. And in the end the Naceville was the clear winner for 2014. The name of their game is consistency. Almost anyone can create an outstanding plate of wings once in a while and all too often we get suggestions for new places with the stipulation that we go there, “when so-and-so is working.” Or with other caveats like we need to order the wings crispy.

The Naceville Hotel presents a quality Buffalo wing cooked to perfection, a crisp that resounds like a symphony, and a homemade sauce that conducts the entire orchestra in perfect time. And they do it any time of day, any day of the week. The ambience at the Naceville is exactly what Brent and I look for. There is a sense of toughness about it that, with a quick joke or story, fades to comfort.

We’re proud to announce that the Naceville Hotel in Sellersville won the best wings in Upper Bucks County for 2014. Hats off to them, and everyone that made the top ten list for 2014.

2014 Best Wings in Upper Bucks County

  1. Naceville Hotel – Sellersville
  2. Mesquito Grille – Doylestown
  3. McCoole’s – Quakertown
  4. Big Daddy’s Wagon Wheel Tavern – Quakertown
  5. Penn Tap Room – Doylestown
  6. Riegelsville Inn – Riegelsville
  7. Wycombe Publick House – Wycombe
  8. Gardenville Hotel – Gardenville
  9. Tohickon Tavern – Ottsville
  10. Porterhouse Pub – Lahaska

Honorable mentions:

  1. Hickory Kitchen – Doylestown
  2. Piper Tavern – Pipersville
  3. Rising Sun Inn – Telford
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  1. What about the horse tavern and grille in sellersville? Their wings are outstanding! And isn’t Telford Montgomery county? How did the rising sun make ‘bucks best wings’?

  2. Thanks Nick! The Horse Tavern has made our top 10 list in past years, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut for 2014. As for the Rising Sun Inn, they (in fact) did not make the list of Best in Bucks. As I mentioned, they are an honorable mention and do not qualify …if you are in that area however, (Not too far from The Horse) order their wings! Keep us posted with your thoughts and suggestions. We can also be reached at ViperClub@mail.com. Best! ~JCS

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