Lobstah anyone?

We’re back from Maine! We had a lovely time on the great windship, Schooner Heritage, for our annual six-day sailaround Penobscot Bay. Made some new friends on-board, including Marge and Jackie, who are related to the Yerkes family of None Such Farm (Marge grew up here in Bucks). Small world.

We ate well (you’re surprised?) both on board and onshore, including what has become an annual tradition at Primo, in Rockland where I had some nice Gay Island oysters, local skate wing and Mark had wild boar t-bone (!). Also had some good clam chowder at the Down-East Village Restaurant in Yarmouth and a delicious lobster roll at Red’s Eats in Wiscasset (almost no line!). Also visited the LLBean mothership in Freeport, of course.

On the sail, we had a great lobster bake on McGlathery’s Island, a small island under preservation, in-between Deer Isle and Isle Au Haut. In case you’re wondering, we each had two and a half lobsters.

It’s nice to see that Maine is also experiencing a burst of farmers’ markets and farm-to-table dinners.  Apples and pumpkins abound, and the trees are beginning to turn there, more inland than on the islands out in the bay, which mostly have evergreens growing in the rocky soil.

Now I’ll turn my attention back to Bucks County (when I’m not doing laundry). Bear with me as I catch up!

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