It’s not too late

Okay, so you let things slide. You meant to join one of those community-supported-whatever farms. And now that gorgeous local produce is literally starting to pop-up, it’s too late. All the shares are sold.

Not so! Open Acres, Bucks County’s newest CSA (community-supported-agriculture) farm, still has shares available. This is your chance to get local, naturally grown, fresh produce every week during the growing season. You can still become a member of this small farm in Upper Black Eddy commited to sustainable agriculture and all natural farming. (To learn more about CSAs see our previous post.)

Open Acres has a limited number of openings left for this year and is offering two types of membership: Full Shares provide members with between 5 and 15 pounds of fresh, healthy produce – free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides – every week for 24 weeks. Half Shares provide members with between 5 and 15 pounds of produce every other week during the course of the 24 week season. In both cases, a bonus Thanksgiving share will be included.

Share items will include leafy greens, a wide array of vegetables, herbs, and melons in the summer. Members can pick-up their produce on either Tuesdays between 4:30 and 6:30 pm (starting May 25 and June 1) or Saturdays between 8 and 11 am (starting May 29 or June 5).

Open Acres CSA is run by farmers, Nate Walker and Heather Brady, in partnership with Craig Schneiderwind; and situated on preserved land at the Schneiderwind Farm. The partners are excited to make what they feel is a positive and important investment in their community and local agriculture through the launch of the CSA.

The Schneiderwind Farm Stand, which opened this past Saturday, May 22, sells fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, and will be carrying its own Open Acres produce this summer for customers beyond the CSA membership. Flowers, shrubs, vegetable plants and herbs are also available for sale at the Schneiderwind Nursery.

Volunteer opportunities, for those who seek a more active connection to the farm, and celebratory community-oriented events are planned throughout the season. Anyone interested in joining can visit the Open Acres Web site, email them at or call 646.408.1844.

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