Guess who’s coming to Wrightstown?

oWowCow Creamery!

The opening date isn’t set yet but the delicious, locally sourced ice creamery that started in Ottsville only two years ago will be setting up their second location at the Carousel Village on Route 413/Durham Road in Wrightstown, just miles north of Newtown.

More details to follow as I get them. In the meantime, if you live in within 10 miles of Wrightstown, prepare to ditch your diet plans this spring and summer…

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  1. woot newtown! i read so much about them in your posts that i’m dying to try their ice cream but haven’t made it up to ottsville yet.

  2. Without a doubt – far and away the best icecream locally and for many miles further. I LOVE the way they post their sources on the blackboard at their “creamery” – which ingredients come from which local farms. Be warned – this ice cream is addictive. (Who knew their were 4 different kinds of Vanilla – from 4 different countries!)

  3. Oh Wow! Three heavenly vanillas and the best, creamy coffee. Just a hop, skip and jump from New Hope down Windy Bush to 413. Yea!

  4. this is exciting! I have heard such great things about this ice cream!
    There is a awesome farmhouse at carousel village that I heard also will be opening that is called the carousel boutiques!! they are going to sell womans apparrell and handmade pottery, great things for home, childrens clothing and free people clothing!!
    can’t wait for the opening of both, great location!

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