Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Doing a quick survey…please comment below.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, including family favorites and “new” recipes?

Also, do you have favorite local sources where you buy the ingredients for these dishes?


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  1. It has to be the Turkey. We have done it almost every way possible; roasted, grilled and Terducken, but the past few years we have deep fried them, plural. We use kosher birds as some of the family are observant. Hey, they are pre-brined so it saves us a step. 40 minutes later (each) and we have the moistest, most tender morsels of turkey. We take the breasts off then slice them. Leftovers go into a turkey gumbo the next night. Yummy too. The vat of hot oil also provides game-day snacks of wings, fries, onion rings, etc.

  2. Griggstown Quail Farm and Market for the bird and some sides. Terhune Orchards for pies and various veggies.

  3. My absolute favorite is stuffing ( or filling as we call it in Philly where I was born). Second would have to be candied sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar, NO Marshmellow. And third would have to be brussel sprouts with hazelnuts, a recipe I got out of Good Housekeeping a few years ago. I’ll get as many ingredients as I can from Stockton Farmers market.

  4. In my view, the turkey is there to be a vessel for the stuffing. My family and friends like a recipe for cranberries with horseradish — Kelchner’s, of course. My goddaughter likes my mashed potatoes, because they have lumps! I will be making a root vegetable cobbler with a biscuit crust this year. I want to try a corn pudding which would be new for us.

  5. Yum, Martha. Especially on the root vegetable cobbler (savory or sweet?) and the corn pudding. I think I’m going to do a savory bread pudding recipe I got from Carlow Cookery last weekend. Has sausage.

  6. Cranberry chutney; my sister’s Roasted cauliflower w/ bacon, Gorgonzola, and roasted garlic whatever; my mom’s white wine & swiss cheese stuffing. I love new stuff every year, but these are the things I miss if I don’t get them.

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