Dad’s Hat makes its debut

Dad's Hat Rye WhiskeyEver since visiting the Dad’s Hat™ Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey distillery in Bristol last month, I’ve been waiting none too patiently for their barrel-aged rye to make its entrance. Dad’s Hat – the first rye whiskey to be made in Pennsylvania in two decades – came out with a white rye in February. That’s basically the distillate cut with water and bottled at 100 proof. It’s often called “white dog” or high wine. But the beautiful amber-colored barrel-aged rye is just now being released to the Pennsylvania State Liquor Control Board, hopefully to a state store near you soon. They will also be distributing the whiskey in New York and Connecticut, with plans for future releases in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland and Illinois. (For specific locations selling Dad’s Hat™ Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey, visit

Good news too if you’d like to see where it all happens. On July 14th they’ll begin providing group tours of the Dad’s Hat™ Distillery in Bristol, PA. Offered for a fee every Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm, the tours will run on the hour and offer the public an up-close view of the distillation and aging process as well as provide tastings. You’ll also be able to purchase whiskey and related merchandise.

Located within the historic Grundy Commons Complex at 925 Canal Street, Bristol, PA, the Dad’s Hat craft distillery carries on a Pennsylvania state tradition of whiskey production that dates back to the 1700s. As the birthplace of rye whiskey, Pennsylvania once produced over 6 million gallons of the spirit annually until Prohibition came along and devastated the industry. Dad’s Hat is distilled using locally sourced rye grain and aged in quarter casks. To learn more, read our post on Bucks County Taste. Cheers!

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