Say “cheese”

Amram_Tower_of_Bobol; photo by L. Goldman

Amram_Tower_of_Bobol; photo by L. GoldmanI was recently asked where someone could watch cheese making locally. Anyone who is making cheese is pretty busy during the process – it’s not really a spectator sport. But you can sign up for cheese making courses at several local farms that specialize in producing fine cheese.

One of these is Flint Hill Farm Educational Center up in Coopersburg, PA (north of Quakertown). Every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday they hold half-day or full day courses on the art of turning milk into cheese. You can even choose what kind of cheese you want to learn about – goat cheese chevre, mozzarella or cheddar. The lessons start at $45 per session. Go to their website to learn more.

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse is a farm just north of Frenchtown, NJ that produces artisanal cheeses, rustic wood-fired breads, pork and beef. It is some of the best raw milk, aged cheese in the area. Fortunately master cheese maker Jonathan White also holds cheese making classes. It’s not a demonstration – you get to suit up (boots, apron, cap) and make the cheese that that day’s milk is best suited for. And, in two or three months, when the cheese is ripe, you can come pick it up, or they’ll ship it to you. Class size is limited to four, which gives you plenty of quality time with Jonathan. Lunch is included too – Bobolink brick oven pizza including Bobolink cheeses, of course! Click here to sign up.

Cherry Grove Farm, another fine, artisanal raw milk cheese maker, also holds cheese making classes periodically. They often have mozzarella making classes, some just for kids and some just for adults. Cherry Grove is in Lawrenceville, NJ. Check their website for current classes.

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  1. Very Cool Foodie idea to make your own cheese on a farm! What a great gift idea too. Nothing like giving a good friend or family member homemade cheese!

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