Woof! 35 dog-friendly restaurants in Bucks & nearby

WinstonUpdated 5/15/17

We are dog lovers, plain and simple. Big dogs, small dogs, sweet dogs and even yappy dogs. But our previous two dogs—Cody and Canta—weren’t behaviorally suited to going out in public (Cody was very abused in his former life and Canta just couldn’t be bothered).

But in March we got a very well-behaved miniature schnauzer named Winston. He came from a home where the small children thought it was okay to kick him. But he’s landed on all fours in heaven on earth: a childless, middle-aged couple. Does it get any better?

And we can take him places! Last month we walked the canal in Lambertville, then had a drink at the Boathouse outside and had dinner on El Tule’s patio. With one exception—a Labradoodle he really wanted to play with—he was the perfect gentleman.

Now we’re excited to go to restaurants that welcome well-behaved doggies. So we’ve done some research and here are the places that are dog-friendly. [Note: There may be more local restaurants that are dog-friendly but these are the ones that got back to us.]

Got a cute pic of your pup at your favorite eatery? Send it to info@BucksCountyTaste and we’ll include it in this post.Outdoor sign at Bowmans TavernDo keep in mind…

  • Dogs are never allowed inside the restaurant, even to walk through to the outside seating area, as per the Board of Health (except service dogs).
  • Any outside seating area that has a bar or is preparing food outside, is not allowed to permit dogs, as per the Board of Health.
  • A well-behaved dog is a welcome dog. Make sure your pup is good in public, and won’t bother other diners (not everyone is a dog lover!).


Cruz (from Last Chance Ranch) enjoying Big Bob's BBQ
Cruz (from Last Chance Ranch) enjoying Big Bob’s BBQ

Big Bob’s BBQ
1248 Route 113
Blooming Glen, PA

Bowman’s Tavern
1600 River Rd, New Hope, PA
Where: Patio in front of restaurant

Bowman’s North
1274 Easton Rd
Riegelsville, PA
Where: Outside patio

C&C Cafe
609 W Market St # 1, Perkasie, PA
WherePatio in front of restaurant
Comments from restaurant: “C & C has been dog-friendly for 9 years. We even give bacon & water to our furry friends.”

Carversville Inn
6205 Fleecy Dale Rd, New Hope, PA
Where: Front porch

Domani Star
57 West State Street, Doylestown, PA
Where: Sidewalk tables in front of restaurant
Comments from the restaurant: “Domani Star allows dogs to dine with their owners at our four outside tables. Our staff is very dog friendly and loves when people bring their furry friends. We always try to bring some water out for the pups too. The only ‘condition’ is that the dog respects the other patrons dining outside since the tables are close together. However, we’ve never had an issue with a rowdy dog.”

Down to Earth Café
1141 North 5th St., Perkasie, PA
Where: Courtyard
Comments from restaurant: “Down to Earth Cafe is dog friendly. Our outside courtyard is for any patron and any patron who has dogs. We’ll also give your pup some complimentary water.”

Doylestown Brewing Company
52 E. State St., Doylestown, PA
Where: Patio
Comments from the restaurant: “The Doylestown Brewing Co. loves dogs! They are always welcome on the patio. Every pup that comes gets a greeting with a fresh bowl of water at his table!”

Doylestown Brewing Co golden retrievers; credit Patte Barry
Golden Retrievers Zoey & Wilson and sister Lacey chilling at the Doylestown Brewing Company

Fancy Fig Cafe
2310 2nd St Pike (at The Gathering in Penns Park)
Wrightstown/Newtown, PA
Where: Outside patio

Genevieve’s Kitchen
19 East State Street, Doylestown, PA
Where: Outside garden tables
Comments from restaurant: “We are happy to accommodate dogs as long as the restaurant isn’t too crowded.”

The Hattery Stove & Still
18 West State Street, Doylestown, PA
Where: Front porch of Doylestown Inn

Good folks at Hickory Kitchen with dog
BBQ for a good dog at Hickory Kitchen

Hickory Kitchen
9 West Court Street, Doylestown, PA
Where: Sidewalk tables in front of restaurant

Homestead General Store
1650 Bridgeton Hill, Upper Black Eddy, PA
Where: Porch
Comments from restaurant: “We are dog-friendly. In fact, we have a resident dog named Stretch that lives and works here, and he’s popular among some of the regular patrons. We do ask that your dog can behave well around other dogs, humans and small children. They should also be okay with crowds. Please pick up after your pup!”

42 Shewell Ave., Doylestown, PA
Where: Sidewalk tables in front of restaurant
Comments from restaurant: “Our outside seating is pretty tight, but if the dog can lay under the table then they are welcome to join. We’ll even bring out a water bowl for them. We do prefer if you call ahead and let them know you are bringing your pup pal.”

Honey Restaurant dogs
Honey owners Joe & Amy McAtee’s dogs, Charlie & Cocoa, after a hard day at work

LouLou Burger
110 S Main St, New Hope, PA
Where: Patio in front of restaurant

Max Hansen’s Carversville Grocery
6208 Fleecy Dale Rd
Carversville, PA
Where: Outside picnic tables

Maxwell’s on Main (MOM’s)
37 N. Main St., Doylestown, PA
Where: Sidewalk tables in front of restaurant
Comments from restaurant: “MOM’s is a dog friendly establishment. Dogs are allowed on the first floor outdoor dining area. There is an additional outdoor patio on the second floor, but that is for humans only (sorry).”

Stover at NelliRae's Kitchen
Stover at NelliRae’s Kitchen

NelliRae’s Kitchen
8826 Easton Road, Revere, PA
Where: Front porch
Comments from restaurant: “We have a lovely front porch where customers are welcome to bring their furry friends to sit with them as they eat. We always have a doggie bowl filled with fresh water for them.”

Pag’s Pub
72 W State Street, Doylestown, Pa
Where: Patio in front of restaurant

Pag’s Wine Bar
70 W State Street, Doylestown, Pa
Where: Patio in front of restaurant

German Shepherd at Lovin’ Oven
German Shepherd at Lovin’ Oven

Paganini Trattoria
81 W State St, Doylestown, PA
Where: Patio

Pat’s Colonial Kitchen
127 South State St. #4, Newtown, PA
Where: Front porch
Comments from restaurant: “We can only seat parties of two on the porch, so we just have to be careful to not block the walkway to other businesses.”

Penn Tap Room
80 W. State St., Doylestown, PA
Where: Patio in front of restaurant
Comments from restaurant: “The Tap Room does allow dogs, we just ask that the dogs are behaved so other guests can have a pleasant experience. We also have a few dog bowls to offer canine guests as a way to quench their thirst, and try to put them in areas that give them room to sit or lay.”

Pineville Tavern
1089 Durham Rd,
Pineville, PA
Where: Outside patio

Quinoa Peruvian & Mexican Restaurant
762 N Easton Rd, Doylestown, PA
Where: Outside tables in front of restaurant

Triumph Brewing Company
400 Union Square Dr, New Hope, PA
Where: Patio tables by railroad tracks
Comments from restaurant: “Our entire outside area is dog-friendly — that includes our patio where the dining tables are and our outside lounge. We do ask that dogs must be on a leash.”

The Vault Brewing Company
10 S Main St, Yardley, PA
Where: on the patio, weather permitting.
Comments from restaurant: “Dogs must be leashed and no feeding is allowed.”



Ms Cali Bukowiec at Caffe Galleria
Ms Cali Bukowiec at Caffe Galleria

Caffe Galleria
23 N. Union Street
Lambertville, NJ
Where: On porch 



DeAnna's Restaurant
A friendly pup at DeAnna’s Restaurant in Lambertville, NJ

54 N Franklin St, Lambertville, NJ
Where: Outside patio at back of restaurant


El Tule
49 N Main St, Lambertville, NJ
Where: Outside patio

Sierra at Hamilton's Grill Room
Sierra at Hamilton’s Grill Room

Hamilton’s Grill Room
8 Coryell St, Lambertville, NJ
Where: Outside garden tables

It’s Nutts
1382 River Rd, Titusville, NJ
Where: Outdoor patio, they’ll bring your dog a bowl of water, too!

Monet, a friendly Papillon at It's Nutts in New Jersey.
Monet, a friendly Papillon at It’s Nutts in New Jersey.






Kingwood Tavern
650 County Road 519
Frenchtown, NJ
Where: Outside dining area

Lambertville Station
11 Bridge St, Lambertville, NJ
Where: Outside tables on the train platform
Comments from restaurant: From Danny Whitaker, owner, “Even if we don’t have the outside seating officially open, if someone with a dog wants to sit down, we’ll serve them (weather permitting). One guy bought his dog a filet every time he came!”

Sookie at Lambertville Station; credit Lambertville Station
Sookie at Lambertville Station

Lovin’ Oven
62 Trenton Ave., Frenchtown, NJ
Where: Patio in front of restaurant
Comments from restaurant: “We do encourage people to bring their dog friends along while they enjoy a meal on our patio. (Dogs however are not allowed inside unless they are certified service dogs). We just ask that guests use their best judgment when choosing to bring their canine friends along — that the dog be friendly and well-behaved as well as able to coexist in a space with other dogs, people and young children. We offer fresh water for all doggie guests and lots of love from our animal loving staff. We also make home-made dog biscuits from time to time!”

St Bernard at Lovin' Oven; photo courtesy of Lovin' Oven
“When are we going home?” (at Lovin’ Oven)
The National Hotel
31 Race Street, Frenchtown, NJ
Where: Front porch
Comments from the restaurant: “The National Hotel allows guests to enjoy their dining experience on the front porch with their best friends. We have a lot of patrons who bring their dogs so they can watch the world go by, since the hotel is located at the terminus of three country roads.”
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  1. The deli in Point Pleasant! We always take our dog and sit on the front porch with our breakfast sandwiches on weekend mornings before his towpath walk.

    Please check this: a waitress at the Golden Pheasant told us (at a great Friday night “Local” special you promoted here) we could bring the dog onto their front porch or patio.

    In other parts of the country, it is pretty common to see dogs just about everywhere now. Oregon, Utah. Are they all “service dogs?”

  2. The deli in Point Pleasant allows dogs. So does the Lumberville General Store and Martibe’s Riverhouse- but only outfront, outside. Villa Vito in New Hope allows them as well.

  3. Hi Rory,
    Thanks for your info. We reached out to both Martine’s and the LGS and got no reply, so we were hesitant to add them to the post (without permission). But by all means, if they allow dogs, go for it!

  4. I believe the Vault in Yardley on their outdoor deck. I believe they used to anyway… Please check.

  5. Big Bob’s BBQ in Blooming Glenn on Saturdays only. Ask one of the pit members for a small sampling of scraps from the BBQ Beef brisket for your furry friend!

  6. This article is inaccurate. Just last Sunday afternoon I was told by the staff at Genevieve’s that dogs are not allowed at the outside seating under any circumstance.

  7. Hi Heather. I did check with Genevieve and she assured me that dogs are allowed in the patio area. She also apologized for the misinformation from an employee.

  8. Unless I missed it, you left out The Landing in Hew Hope. Dogs are allowed on the outside patio next to the river.

  9. Alas, no, Eric. I checked with them last year. The Board of Health’s rule is that dogs are not allowed outside if food is being prepared there. Since the Landing has an outside bar, they cannot permit pups. 🙁

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