Tidbits: Calling the new Black Bass

Caught this short piece in the Bucks County Herald last week. A frustrated announcement from Laura Krein, Sales and Marketing Manager at the newly re-opened and renovated Black Bass Hotel  in Lumberville. There has been some confusion and difficulty getting to them via phone, so she’d like everyone to know that the new phone number is 215.297.9260. We haven’t gotten there yet, but we hear the tavern menu is nice. Let us know if you get their first, and leave a comment below.

Update from Laura Krein: Verizon is now giving out the right phone number.

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  1. Good news….the number on our website and being given out by 411 is correct….215-297-9260.

    ps It’s kRein not kLein : )

  2. My fiancee and I visited last Thursday – superb. I had a special crawfish-tail appetizer and the pistachio crusted spring lamb chops. Lamb was cooked perfectly medium-rare (as requested), and the crust was something to behold itself. I’ve had pistachio crust before but it was always ground too fine or tasteless, neither of which this was. Fiancee had a relatively standard-looking salad with portobello pieces around the plate, and for an entree had macadamia-crusted fish (maybe halibut?)…she said both were also very good.

    Had a great time, cant wait to go back!

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