What to do with all those zucchinis

Update: Due to the late rain today, the Zucchini Races have been postponed until next week. You still have time!

Zucchinis at the starting gateI don’t know what it means, but I’m really intrigued. The Bucks County Foodshed Alliance’s Lower Makefield Farmers’ Market will present this Thursday, August 13th   20th


All ages welcome. Race a zucchini or just come watch the fun! Prizes will be awarded.

Market hours are 3:30PM – 6:30PM
Zucchini racers must be submitted for judging by 5:00PM
Race heats begin at 5:30PM

For more details or an entry form, please email sandygfarm@gmail.com.

Here’s some background and rules:The origins of zucchini racing remain shrouded in mystery.   However, researchers have found that competitive zucchini speed events take place from Seattle to Texas to New England.   

Anyone wishing to take the leap into competitive zucchini racing should possess the following:  a zucchini, a sense of humor, creativity, and basic but sound engineering skills (because it’s hard to win if your zucchini racer falls apart before the finish line.) 
Zucchini Racer  Specifications:
· Race car must be made of a real zucchini and must be the main part of the entry.
· Decorate and name your zucchini racer.
· The zucchini itself may be no longer than 12 inches in length. Decorations adorning the zucchini may extend no more than 1 inch from the “front end ” of the zucchini.  The entire zucchini racer may be no wider than 8 inches, including wheels and decorations.
· Wheel axels must be incorporated into the  zucchini itself.  It‘s not acceptable to just attach a zucchini to an existing “vehicle” that rolls.  This means no attaching a zucchini to a skateboard, roller skate, toy car, etc. 
· Zucchini racer must have 3 or 4 wheels. Wheels can be any type – wooden, metal, vegetable, or plastic.
· Each racer must be self-propelled – no motors or auxiliary propulsion.
· Each complete zucchini racer will be weighed upon entry and must not exceed 4 pounds.
· The zucchini racer must be sturdy enough to compete in multiple races.

 [I guess that leaves out zucchini bread or casseroles.]

The Lower Makefield Farmers’ Market, managed by the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance, is an open-air, producer only market located in the Veteran’s Memorial Park at the intersection of Edgewood Rd. and Heacock Rd. in Lower Makefield, PA. The farmers’ market runs each Thursday from June through Oct. 15th.

Products include:  Seasonal fruits and vegetables, award-winning artisan cheeses, grass–fed beef products, fresh eggs, ice cream, gourmet prepared foods, exotic mushrooms, artisan breads, flowers, sweet and savory pies, yogurt, butter, handmade soaps, wool products, and more.

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  1. Hi!
    I think the race is a super idea. However, I have not been able to find the parts required to make the racers.

    Does each participant supply their own, or does the market?



  2. Hi Lillian,

    Yes, each participant supplies their own parts and zucchini – although I think Lower Makefield is planning on having a “clinic” the week before to help people decorate and make their race cars. Contact Sharon Kopp, the LM market manager for more info at sharonkopp@yahoo.com. Maybe you can check hobby stores for some of the parts (like Herb’s in Doylestown) or salvage old toys.

    Best of luck!

  3. […] Market manager, Sharon Kopp, has masterfully taken over the reins from Sandy Guzikowski (of The Guzikowski Farm CSA), even running a zucchini race car clinic last week to coach new racers on how to “properly” build a race car out of a zucchini. For more information on race car rules, see our previous post, What to do with all those zucchinis. […]

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