Super Bowl BBQ

This post was updated 3/7/17

I may not be a football fan – who is by this time in the season, especially if your team is long gone? – but I do enjoy eating. Why not forgo the typical dips and chips and bring in barbecue? Here’s a list of good places in Bucks. Call ahead and place your order soon!

Oink Johnson’s Southern BBQ (Pipersville). This roadside truck sitting in the parking lot of Jack’s Dog Farm (don’t worry, no BBQ Golden Retriever) has become a local favorite. Jack is out most weekends March through November. I recommend everything – ribs, pulled pork, chicken and all the sides. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. On Route 611 in Pipersville, just north of Plumsteadville. 215.518.2056 or 215.766.8840. [Note: He won’t be open for Super Bowl weekend – too cold – but will reopen in March.]

Winckler's Ribs

Winckler’s Ribs (Morrisville). This place was suggested by a Bucks County Taste reader, and, boy, are we glad she told us about it. The ribs may not be what you are used to (a certain Kansas boy I know was not happy) but they are good. Because Mike Winckler braises them first, and then charbroils them, they are not dry and crunchy. But the meat is good, it falls off the bone and the sauce – is fantastic. I’m still trying to figure out what’s in it. Don’t leave there without getting an order of the crawfish hush puppies, either, served with remoulade. Pick up a menu, because the website does not list everything. In Morrisville, just off Bridge St., on 46 Washington St. (if you are coming from the direction of Trenton, you’d make a right off of  Bridge St. onto Washington). Closed Mondays. 215.736.1102.

HK smoked ribsHickory Kitchen (Doylestown). This comfy BYOB place is right in the center of Doylestown at Main and Court Streets. In addition to great BBQ and the best wings, their diverse menu has “something for everyone.” See their website for more info and menu. 215.348.5170. [UPDATE: See our post all about Hickory Kitchen. Yum.}

{more than}>Q (Lambertville). Serving all wood, slow smoked, Texas style BBQ featuring natural and organic meats, and soups and comfort foods made with local and organic produce when possible. Check their Facebook page for updates or call 609.773.0072.

Jesse’s Barbecue and Local Market (Souderton). Haven’t had a chance to try it but the reviews look good! See their website or Facebook page.

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Correction February 14, 2011: Mike Winckler of Winckler’s Ribs contacted us with the following information. Thanks, Mike!

I do not boil my ribs as it says in your article. I use a braising process. (Braising is similar to cooking in a crock pot, where the liquid never sees a boil, and the cooking is slow, gentle and time-consuming.) We then use wood burning smoke (apple) in the final char-broiling process.

As a professional in the food business for forty years, I find that the process of dry rub and smoking a meat product, although good, does not produce the optimum results that can be achieved with the process that is used at Winckler’s Ribs. Thank you. Any Q’s contact: 215.736.1102.

Update 5/6/11: Smokin’ Lil’s had a name change to Hickory Kitchen.
Update 10/2/11: Old Tyme BBQ is no longer at the Stockton Farmers’ Market. We reviewed Hickory Kitchen. See the post here.
Update 11/3/11: Added Hen and Hog Restaurant (thanks to Susan Yeske of the Bucks County Herald)
Update 2/1/2013: Added Dancing Pig and Ron’s BBQ
Update 1/27/14: Removed Hen and Hog Restaurant, Ron’s BBQ; added More Than Q
Update 1/7/14: Removed Duck Deli
Update 2/23/15: Removed Dancing Pig BBQ and Gross’ Gourmet, which both closed in January 2014
Update 3/7/17: Removed Bitter Bob’s, which closed in 2016.

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  1. Have you tried the Cactus Grill for ribs? Delicious, Good Stuff! Really good classic rock bands too!
    I loved your list of best upper bucks wings, I think of myself as a wing connoisseur over the years and agree with most of your picks. We also have cabin fever, here in bedminster, and can’t wait to start working outside!

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