Big Wings at Duck Deli

by guest blogger Rich Baringer

I'm coming for you...I’m not a big chicken wing fan—mostly because they’re usually, well, lousy. They’re either too greasy or too skimpy or too bland. But there is one place that I can’t resist ordering wings. They’re just the best around.

At The Duck Deli in New Britain (just south of Delaware Valley College on Rt. 202), owner Chris Forlano offers delicious BBQ dishes: pulled pork & chicken, brisket, seafood, all sorts of side dishes—all the things a good BBQ place should have and more. And everything is very tasty.

But Duck Deli wings are…oh man, they’re just so delicious. They come in 3 varieties: Western BBQ, Honey BBQ & Buffalo (I usually go for the traditional Buffalo). Servings come in 5, 10 or 15 pieces, but unlike most places, one Duck Deli wing includes the little drumstick AND that other part (whatever it’s called). You get the whole wing. I don’t know the size of the chickens that these wings come from, but I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark coop. They’re huge wings, full of meat. You can make a meal out of them (as I did today for lunch). The meat is smoky and tender, falls off the bone and tastes great. Simply said, they’re the best wings I’ve ever had.

The big chicken’s loss is our gain.

Check out fellow blogger Peter Justason’s post on the Duck Deli too.

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  1. Congrats on the new URL. Very cool.

    Thanks for the post on the Duck Deli. I had forgotten about the Duck and your post stimulated me to go again. We had a great visit and got some great “Q”.

  2. So glad to discover what you do. Where can I send you a book? Come visit us at Murray’s Cheese when you’re in Greenwich Village. We’ll see you weekends (and all summer) at real food stuff in the country.
    Yours, Nina Planck

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