Bucks County Taste Serves Up Dinner

Dinner at our house al fresco

It all began with an innocent question.

“Why don’t we offer an auction item?” said my wonderful husband, Mark. “Dinner for four, at our house, all Bucks County ingredients.”

We were at a fundraiser for our synagogue, Kehilat HaNahar (in New Hope), and Mark thought it would be something we – at Bucks County Taste – could uniquely contribute to the auction.

“Sure,” I said.

The next thing we know, three couples are bidding on it, and someone says – in front of forty people – “why not do three dinners, and raise even more money?”

“Uh, sure…” said Mark and I, looking at each other.

We’ll give more details later – like the menu and where we sourced the ingredients – but the upshot is we’ve done two of the dinners with much success, and Betty Cichy of the Bucks County Courier Times and Intelligencer, is covering them in an article in today’s Food Section (Wednesday, August 5th). Betty came with me as I shopped for dinner ingredients all over Bucks County, and she and Bill Fraser, Intelligencer photographer, came to the dinner to sample, photograph and talk with our guests. A great time was had by all!

Here’s the menu we served. Thanks to all the wonderful Bucks County farmers and producers who helped make it happen. In particular, we received donations from:


White Peach-Plum Sangria, with Crossing Vineyards Viognier, and Fairview Farm peaches and plums
Sweet and Sour Chicken Bites, with None Such Farms chicken
Local Artisanal Cheese from Ely Farm Products
Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta with Blooming Glen CSA Farm tomatoes and torpedo onions, and Rise Bakery whole wheat baguette


Roasted Beets with Leek Flower & Sea Salt Chevre Over Microgreens, with Traugers Farm Beets, Blue Moon Acres Microgreens, and Flint Hill Farm Chevre
Hickory-Smoked, Grilled New York Strip Steak and Butterflied Leg of Lamb, with Haring Brothers NY Strip and Happy Farm Leg of Lamb
Macaroni & Garlic Cheddar Cheese, with Birchwood Farms Garlic Cheddar Cheese
Baked Eggplant & Summer Squash with Parsley & Garlic, with Anchor Run Farm vegetables, and Pasqualina’s Puglian extra virgin olive oil
Green Beans with Basil Pesto, with Anchor Run Farm beans and basil


Ice Cream on Pizelles with Summer Berries, with OWowCow Creamery Indonesian Vanilla and Rose Cream ice cream, Pasqualina’s homemade pizelles, Solebury Orchards‘ blueberries and wild raspberries from our backyard.

If you are interested in any recipes, just let me know and I’ll send them to you.

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  1. I enjoyed your article today in the Intelligencer. I was very impressed with the effort you put into making a meal of all local products. I was disappointed that you did not buy your chickens from us, Boltons Farm Market. We have been raising chickens on our farm here in Silverdale for over 50 years. We do not use antibiotics, hormones or growth stimulants. We also raise turkeys and beef which we sell in our market. I would love to have you stop sometime so I can show you what we raise here and all the products we make from our meats.

  2. Hi Torrie, Thanks for the comment and the info. Please, take no offense. We would love to come visit Bolton’s. I’ve bought your products in the past and liked them (We live closer to None Such Farms, who also has good chicken, and I was a bit crazed getting ready for the dinner). It’s great we have such resources here in Bucks County! Hope to see you soon.

  3. Wonderful Article in Yesterdays’ Intelligencer!! Your dinner truly showcased some of Bucks County’s Best. We look forward to visiting Bucks County Taste every day for your well written stories of the people behind the food.

    Great Job!!

    Brian & Patty Gianfelice
    Pasqualina’s Italian Market & Deli

  4. I loved this article and look forward to visiting some of the spots that are new to me. I’m curious about Happy Farms lamb, since web information shows them having only chicken?

  5. Yes, they mostly do poultry, but they have lambs too. If you contact them, they’ll be happy to add you to their email list, when they tell when they have various meats and which markets they will be at. Happy eating!

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