Local + chocolate: What could be wrong?

Pierre's chocolates hearts_photo courtesy Pierre's Chocolates

Updated 1/23/18

Every now and then I meet someone who says, in a very matter of fact way, that they don’t like chocolate. I always have the same reaction: stunned and puzzled. I usually have to stop myself from saying, “You’ve got to be kidding. Really? Really??”

But if you are not one of those kind of people, you are fortunate to live here. We’ve got quite a collection of chocolatiers in Bucks and nearby. A few of them graciously gave me a few minutes to chat at their busiest time of the year.

Small batch Ecuadorian and Peruvian chocolates. Photo courtesy Pierre's Chocolates

When I walked into Pierre’s in New Hope the first thing to hit me was the intoxicating, deep, beautiful smell of chocolate that fills the small store. I stood there for a moment taking it all in, a little dazed, because it would not be an exaggeration to say that every inch of horizontal space held chocolate of some size or shape.

Pierre’s has a loyal following—for good reason—but not everyone may know that Pierre sold the business to Tom Block in 2012. Tom has a pretty good pedigree. He opened Thomas Sweet in Princeton in 1980 with a friend, also named Tom, where they made chocolates and then ice cream, but sold it eight years ago and opened a chocolate cafe in Philadelphia.

Now he is loving being so close to home (New Hope) and making Pierre’s famous truffles like the original Swiss, Double Dark, Tiramisu, and Espresso. The chocolate-covered pretzels and turtles are also big customer favorites.

But when I asked him what he likes best, he started telling me about his Small Batch Chocolates, made with exotic flavors and single origin chocolate, say from Hawaii, or Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. “I still have fun making different kinds of chocolates.” He and his son-in-law, Justin Zaslow are creating some incredible sweets with this chocolate.

Read about Justin’s trip to Ecuador, where he traveled the chocolate “trail”, visiting cacao farms in the jungle, dairy farmers in the mountains and organic sugar cane plantations.

A list of our local chocolatiers (in alphabetical order)

Cassis and Port Wine heart truffles_photo courtesy Dolce Patisserie
Cassis and Port Wine heart truffles_photo courtesy Dolce Patisserie

Dolce Patisserie

The artisan behind Dolce Patisserie is Chef Alan, who creates handmade chocolates, pastries and confections every day. Chef Alan also has competed and proved himself to be a “Genius” on Food Network’s Sweet Genius. 

The Shoppes at Hellertown
23 Main Street
Hellertown, PA
web: www.dolcepatisserie.com
email: apitotti13@gmail.com

Laurie's Chocolates truffles_photo courtesy Laurie's Chocolates
Laurie’s Chocolates truffles_photo courtesy Laurie’s Chocolates

Laurie’s Chocolates

Hand crafting “heaven dipped in chocolate” since 2002, Laurie’s Chocolates are prepared in small batches so the chocolate is always fresh. She has award-winning truffles, toffee, and more. Find her chocolates at The Larder in Doylestown, PA; None Such Farm Market in Buckingham, Jamie Hollander Gourmet foods in New Hope; and Suzie’s Hot Shoppe in New Hope. 

Buckingham, PA
email: Laurie@laurieschocolates.com

Luv Chocolate, Luv Superfoods
Luv Chocolate, Luv Superfoods


Luv Superfoods was inspired by a Mom’s passion for real, whole, and healing foods. You can find lots of raw chocolates here, and purchase from places like None Such Farms in Buckingham, PA or Earth Foods, in Holicong, PA. 

Doylestown, PA
web: www.luvsuperfoods.com 
email: lisa@LuvSuperfoods.com

Lulu’s Rescue

This local rescue organization is having a Valentine’s Day fundraiser to help save a dog’s life. You can purchase a box of either buttery caramels with Himalayan pink sea salt or pretzels dipped in a variety of chocolates. All chocolates come from Pierre’s Chocolates. CLICK HERE to order in time for V-Day.

Newtown Chocolatier truffles
Newtown Chocolatier truffles

Newtown Chocolates

Donna and Doug started their chocolate company in 2002, and they enjoy making European style artisan chocolates. Stop by for signature truffles, gift sets, dipped strawberries, and special Valentine’s Day chocolates.

66 Richboro Road
Newtown, PA
web: www.newtownchocolatier.com

Noble Sweets

Noble Sweets

Sweet and delicious edibles that look great at the table, as a gift, or at your next event. Their toffee is one of the best! This is a home based business that you can make appointments for event planning, and receive free delivery in the local area. 

web: www.noblesweets.com
email: info@NobleSweets.com

Bangkok Truffle, Pierre's Chocolates
Bangkok Truffle, Pierre’s Chocolates

Pierre’s Chocolates

A small, family owned and operated shops with special chocolates on premise. Try some small batch chocolates, dipped pretzels, chocolate bars and assortments of truffles. 

Raymer's chocolate heart box, Raymer's
Raymer’s chocolate heart box, Raymer’s

360 West Bridge Street,
New Hope, PA
web: www.pierreschcolates.com

Raymer’s Homemade Candies

A family owned business by Mark and Sue Raymer, with help from their children and grandchildren. The same ingredients are used as they once did in the late 1880s. Candy orders are available for in-store pickup or online for delivery. The sea salt caramels are well-known, and they also can take your favorite wine bottle and dip it into chocolate!

21 East Oakland Avenue,
Doylestown, PA
web: www.raymerscandies.com

Sciascia Confections, photo courtesy Sciascia Confections
Sciascia Confections, photo courtesy Sciascia Confections

Sciascia Confections

Find these confections at The Stockton Market. Sample macaroons, a chocolate bar collection, painted truffles, and their famous Cabernet Cordials, made with Stag’s Leap Cask 23 Cabernet Sauvignon. 

19 Bridge Street,
Stockton, NJ
web: www.sciasciaconfections.com
email: tom@sciasciaconfections.com

Skip's Candy Corner heart
Skip’s Candy Corner heart

Skip’s Candy Corner

Originally this candy store was opened in a small shop at Peddler’s Village. Now in a larger location, you can find nut free candies, chocolates, sugar-free, specialties and more. 

27 Peddler’s Village
Lahaska PA
web: www.skipscandycorner.com

Vday Chocolates, La Chocolate Box
La Chocolate Box

La Chocolate Box

Currently under new ownership, this local chocolate shop sells fancy chocolates and confections. Right now for Valentine’s Day, you can even get your guy friends (or gals) Belgian beer-filled chocolates. Their Facebook reviews claim Chocolate Box is better than Godiva. 

39 N. Union Street
Lambertville, NJ
web: www.lambertvillechocolates.com

Updated 1/23/18

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  1. Lynne always does a great job covering all local shops.
    Skip’s Candy Corner has chocolate covered Strawberries all year. For Valentines’ Day, you can customize your box. Additionally, we make most of our chocolate candies: New: our caramels (chocolate covered) made in small batches are fresh and delicious. Popular: Nutella filled chocolates, and our mammoth Turtles.

  2. Great article and beautiful chocolates! How anyone can dislike chocolate I’ll never understand — it is one of life’s greatest pleasures, an absolute necessity in my world!!

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