Unbeetable cleans up!

As you loyal readers know, I officiated at the Lower Makefield Farmers’ Market Zucchini Races on August 12th. What fun! It’s mostly kids making the racers (with a few experienced adults). The entries were creative with great names (“Unbeetable,” “Speed Buggy,” “The Bo Mobile”). Here are the results. See the photo slideshow for some great shots of the contestants, then watch the short video of the final, championship race. I am determined to make this a county-wide event next year, sponsored by Bucks County Taste. Start designing your zucchini racers now! See our previous post for the rules.

Best Decorated

  1. Fast Flying Fairy (who came in second last year – way to go!) by Allison Templeton
  2. Airplane to Zucchini by Sam Hoffman
  3. The Unbeetable by the Valerio Family

Fastest Zucchini

  1. The Unbeetable by the Valerio Family
  2. Rabbit Racer by Olivia Pfaendtner
  3. Zucchini Coach by Helene Pfaendtner


Click here to see more photos [slideshow custom=1]

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