Tidbit: The Iron Chef comes to Ottsville

I had heard about this a few months ago but now it’s big news (in the Intelligencer). It seems the famous Iron Chef Jose Garces has decided Upper Bucks County is a good place to farm (really?). The celebrity chef and owner of seven popular Philadelphia restaurants recently bought a farm in Ottsville, in Tinicum Township with the aim of producing ingredients for his latest venture, JG Domestic Fine Food & Spirits. The new Center City restaurant will feature seasonal foods, meats, spirits, cheeses and more – all sourced from within the United States (not necessarily local).

My whole plan with JG Domestic is to spotlight excellent American ingredients, whether that’s spirits, wine and beer, or produce, meat, seafood and poultry. If it’s grown, raised or made here, and it’s extraordinary, we’ll find a way to serve it that showcases how special it is.”

Amanda Cregan has a nice article about Garces’ plans in today’s Intelligencer, Celebrity chef buys farm. Seems Garces thinks it might also be a nice place to bring the family too, “I loved the idea of owning a farm, raising the produce that I want to work with and giving my children a country home to romp around at in one fell swoop.” They expect to start supplying the restaurant with produce from the farm as early as next fall. Welcome to Bucks County!

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