The Taco Burger

One of the things I love about Basically Burgers is the sheer creativity behind their food. (There’s taste, too, but I’m going for something a little deeper here.) To hear Wes Goddard tell it, many of the stalwarts on the menu stem from his son Jay’s insomnia, when it’s one in the morning and he can’t sleep. There’s the ranch burger, the jalapeno popper burger (one of my favorites), and the taco burger. All of them show off the Goddard family’s approach to food: local ingredients, prepared fresh, with strict attention paid to quality, flavor and fun.

The Goddards were nice enough to let us cram into their kitchen one recent night so we could watch them at work. Rather than describe it at length, see it all for yourself. Here’s Jay on making a taco burger. (The video runs 3:41 minutes.)

Basically Burger burger man on Urbanspoon

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  1. I liked the black bean burger.
    BTW. A Middle Eastern Restaurant will be opening there around the first of the year!!
    Not Indian. So it should broaden our DT Boro choices!!

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