Thanksgiving? Already??

Say it ain’t so! But it’s true. I’ve started to see interest in our post from last year, 2010 – Going out for Thanksgiving in Bucks, so some Type A’s out there are already looking ahead, way past Halloween. Folks are also starting to think about where to get fresh turkeys, which I have also written about for the past two years.

I will update both posts for 2011, but in the meantime, if you must, you can check out the posts from last year to get a head start. Many restaurants haven’t finalized their plans yet, but will as October progresses.

For going out to eat for Thanksgiving as well as who is doing take-out turkey dinners, see this post: 2010 –  Going out for Thanksgiving in Bucks. These are the places who did it last year and information about the dinners.

For ordering a fresh turkey, click here: Fresh turkeys in Bucks – 2010.

Gobble, gobble.

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