Tabora Farm & Orchard Worth the Trip

by guest blogger Emily Trostle

At a time when most people are feeling the burn of the economic crisis, Tabora Farm and Orchard is thriving.

Driving on Stump Road toward its store, it’s easy to think you’re in the middle of nowhere. But as you come upon the modest building, the parking lot always shows signs of activity. The green house to the side of the building is bursting with color. But there are more sights and sensations to be had inside.

Walking into the market, you have two options: Go leftish and inhale deeply, then wander among the breads, stuffed rolls, Danish, cookies, focaccias, pies, tea breads, and beautiful cakes made fresh daily. (And, there’s coffee by the cup, in case you need something to go with that sticky bun that won’t make it home.)

Tabora bread and danish

Or, you can take a right and end up in the midst of produce, quiches, pot pies, fried chicken, pasta salads, and an extensive sandwich menu.

I spoke with owner Caleb Torrice in between his batches of cookies. He told me Tabora Farm has eight acres on which they grow as much of their own produce as possible. What they can’t grow there, he gets from his family’s 200-acre farm in upstate New York.

The market has been around for twenty years, the bakery nine years, and the deli since 2004. Considering Tabora won a “Best of” award for its crab cakes in 2005, the deli was doing something right from the get-go.

Tabora’s deli is simple but turns out great tasting food. For my feast, I choose a crab cake, a sample of tortellini salad (strongly recommended by Caleb), a turkey and brie panini, a ham and cheddar panini, a ham and swiss roll, and a cheese Danish (I did say feast, remember).

The crab cake was delicious. For the size and price, it’s difficult to find a competitor. I had high expectations of the tortellini salad and wasn’t disappointed. My guff with pasta salads is that there is either too much dressing or they take on a strong onion flavor. This one didn’t suffer from either.

Tabora turkey and brie

The paninis were extremely good. The fact they’re made using Tabora’s own fresh-made bread puts them over the top. The ham and swiss roll (another of Caleb’s recommendations) was perhaps my favorite. Just the right size to be a light lunch with a salad, it’s packed with flavor. I didn’t bother heating mine up and it was still the best part of the meal.

Then there was the cheese Danish: The dough was soft but flakey and slightly sweet, with the egg-yolk color I love in pastry. The cheese filling was smooth and creamy. It was heaven topped with sugar icing and crumb topping.

While there’s no seating at the market, the food is great for those that don’t feel like cooking or going out. Tabora’s bakery has pies and cakes for events, as well as the Danish and coffee you can pick up on the go. There are also gift baskets and catering brochures available if you want to check out what Tabora has to offer. They’ve also applied for a license to sell wine, so stayed tuned.

Be sure to stop Tabora’s on Friday, August 14th from 4 – 7 pm for Customer Appreciation Day. There will door prizes, gifts, raffles and live music.

Tabora Farm & Orchard
1104 Upper Stump Road
Chalfont, PA 18914
Phone: (215) 249-3016
Hours: 9:30 am – 7 pm seven days a week

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  1. i’m just about to do an article about this operation and found your blog post before prepping my copy. this was lovely to read beforehand for a different writer’s perspective. i had their quiche. fab !

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