School’s in…we’re out!

It’s too true that parents have one of the busiest jobs – getting the kids off to school, being a chauffeur, dinner, homework and so much more. That’s why two local moms decided to make a date once a month to enjoy a good movie and go out for lunch with friends.

Dawn Mauro and Doreen Ruffe decided to start the Schools In Movie Club. When school is “in,” they say, “we’re out…having fun.” Their vision is that like-minded folks can meet to enjoy a movie and lunch and get home in time to meet the kids after school. How about a private screening of the latest movie at the County Theater? Followed by lunch at a local restaurant with discounts? Sound good? This may be the club for you.

Club members meet once a month on a Thursday (see the website for dates) and the movie starts at 11 am at the County Theater in Doylestown (no kids please, it’s for adults – that’s kind of the idea). Afterwards, people connect up and choose a restaurant for lunch. “We really enjoy talking about the movie and having lunch,” says Mauro. Meeting new people is part of the experience.

It can be hard to schedule in time on your own when you’re juggling work, kids and home, say Mauro and Ruffe “We have something to look forward to,” explains Mauro, “a day once a month set aside, time for us, to see a movie we want, sit back and relax with others – and not feel guilty about it.” In fact it’s not just moms joining this new club. There are men, and retired folks too. It’s about making the time for yourself.

The club currently has 25 members. A subscription includes the price of a ticket and great discounts offered at various local restaurants like the Vine & Fig Tree Bistro, Hickory Kitchen, The Sweet Spot, Pennsylvania Soup and Seafood and Chambers 19 Bistro for lunch afterwards. A 7-month subscription – December through June – costs $81, a 5-month subscription – any five from December through June – costs $65. For $15 per person you can just drop in too, or if you have a subscription, you can bring along a friend for $15. Mauro and Ruffe manage the accounts and coordinate with the movie theater, as well as setting up discounts for lunch. The County Theater has partnered with the club to allow full theater rental for an 11am first run movie each month, September thru June. The next showing is Thursday, December 13.

Do you know someone who needs some “get away” time? It’s a super idea for gift-giving too. To learn more about the club and to sign up, see the Schools In Movie Club website.

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  1. What a great idea! I am thinking of giving a membership as a gift to my sister. I think I will go with her.

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