Recipes needed!

This past April, a bright and eager young woman contacted me about a very important project. Emilee Schluth is working on creating a cookbook for clients of Bucks County food pantries. The cookbook is part of her “Take Action Project” to earn her Silver Award as a Girl Scout cadet. But she needs your help – to provide simple but healthy recipes for people who may not have much cooking experience but want to take advantage of the fresh food and other commodities offered at our local food pantries. Here is Emilee’s request in her own words:

For my “Take Action Project” to earn the award, I haven chosen to compile healthy, yet simple recipes into a cookbook for clients of the Bucks County Housing Group Community Food Pantries. The recipes need to include primarily the limited ingredients listed (see Emilee’s website) along with some seasonal produce supplied and donated by local farms. I am going to be using these donated recipes to:

  • Create a cookbook to be offered at the pantries.
  • Demonstrate various recipes at the food pantries by making sample recipes and giving taste tests during client hours. The purpose is to introduce my cookbook and instruct clients on how the cookbook can be utilized for their benefit.
  • Train three helpers in healthy cooking, food drives, pantry stocking and my cookbook mission.
  • Present healthy recipe options to promote better eating habits.

I need your help. I’m asking local chefs, farmers, producers, farm markets and various other individuals to submit recipes for this endeavor. The recipes need to be simple in technique and include the list of foods found on my website. Also, any healthy cooking tricks and tips or advice would be useful. Recipe donors may be anonymous if desired or contributors accredited your choice.

You can contact her with recipes as follows:

Please go through your recipe files (or brains) and come up with a few simple, healthy recipes that Emilee can include in this cookbook. You know you’ve got them, just pull a few together to help those to whom cooking vegetables might be a new experience.

Thanks so much for your help!


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