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Pure SproutsIt’s winter time and with fewer farmers’ markets open, we start to long for good quality organic and naturally produced foods. One local business offers a convenient solution. Pure Sprouts, located in the Lehigh Valley, is an organic and locally-grown food delivery business now servicing Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Customers can customize an order weekly from an array of organic and locally grown or produced products, and have it delivered to their door for no extra cost (delivery is free with a $25 purchase.) The company, founded by Lori Stansberry in 2009, started delivering in the Lehigh Valley but has recently added Bucks and Montgomery County residents to their delivery list. Delivery to most of the Bucks/Montgomery area is on Wednesdays.

What’s special about Pure Sprouts is their commitment to sourcing locally  – and that means within an 80 mile radius of their base in the Lehigh Valley. Their aim is to support the local economy and reduce food miles whenever possible. Everything is either certified organic and/or locally grown. For instance, one of their choices is the “All Local Bin” which is full of local, in-season organic or naturally grown produce (the “mini” costs $20, the bigger bin costs $35).

Customer choice and variety is what sets Pure Sprouts apart from other similar delivery services in Pennsylvania who generally deliver boxes of pre-chosen goods weekly. “Our focus on local is our niche,” says Stansberry. “We are able to fill a role that big chain grocery stores cannot given their distribution scheme. We are able to buy small quantities from many farms and distribute the next day to our customers.”

Pure Sprouts makes it simple to shop – you log in to their website and chose from dozens of locally grown or organic selections such as local, grass-fed meats, dairy, eggs, tofu, non-local certified organic produce, and many other grocery and pantry items. After filing your virtual cart with everything you need, you receive the order within days delivered to your door in a reusable plastic bin. There is no commitment, either. You can cancel at any time. The service is available year-round too. New this year, Pure Sprouts delivers meal kits, which contain everything customers need to make a healthy, organic meal for four, including the recipe. Now that’s convenient!

Stansberry was inspired to open Pure Sprouts because she wanted to change our current food system. After having her first child, she became worried that he would never grow up to see local farms. Because the area is so fruitful, she decided that this would be the perfect location for an organic delivery service that buys locally whenever possible. She also knew that people are sometimes so busy that they lose the opportunity to get to the grocery store for fresh foods. So by marrying fresh, local and organic foods with the convenience of home delivery, Pure Sprouts was born.

To learn more about the company, see their website at www.PureSprouts.com

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