Posting from my bed

I feel SO seasonal. What I thought was just a cold has turned nasty – hard coughs, fever, and aches all over. Isn’t this a little early for flu? Yikes. Luckily Mark is now home from his business trip and my wonderful Jewish mother dropped off chicken soup yesterday. 10/23/09 UPDATE: It’s pnuemonia. What fun. Don’t expect a post every day!

I’ll try to at least post later this afternoon the “Fresh from the market” weekly report (yes, farmers markets are still open and we are still getting local produce). Please check out the Food Events in Bucks County calendar because there is lots going on, even if the weather looks iffy. Crossing Vineyards is celebrating their 6th anniversary with a grand bash, showing off some recent impressive awards from California and their new “green” warehouse. And there are many church suppers and firehouse breakfasts this weekend, including the famous Carversville Church Oyster and Pork Supper. See Susan Yeske’s article on it in the Bucks County Herald.


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