Pity New York and New Jersey folks

Why? Because they have to drive so far to get raw milk, while we, here in Bucks County, have two three farms who produce raw milk, and dairy products made from raw milk like cheese, yogurt and ice cream.

In a New York magazine article dated April 18, Straight From the Cow’s Teat, Birchwood Farms in Newtown is mentioned, although they missed Hendricks Farm & Dairy, who also sell raw milk and dairy products from their Telford, PA location (on the border of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, near Souderton.) And, Flint Hill Farm (see below).

Hendricks cheese rounds; photo courtesy of Hendricks Farm & DairyBirchwood Farms is sort of north of Newtown, on Brownsburg Road, right off Route 413. They have a store that sells, in addition to their organic dairy products, their own beef, pork and veal. Hendricks also sells grass-fed beef, lamb and rose veal; free-range, all natural poultry and eggs, nitrate-free uncured bacon, artisanal breads and charcuterie items, including an excellent Chicken Lemon Thyme Sausage that we just grilled last night. Two yums.

Update: A very astute reader reminded me that Flint Hill Farm in Coopersburg (north of Quakertown) also sells raw cow’s milk. My bad. I always think of them for their soft cheeses – goat and cow – which I buy at the Wrightstown Market (and Stockton Market). Their farm store is open to the public daily selling pastured eggs, goat and cow milk artisan cheeses, pasteurized yogurt, and fresh cream butter. They are a Certified Raw Milk Dairy through the PA Department of Agriculture.

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  1. Yes – to Robin – just bought Flint Hill Farm’s butter last Saturday. Yum. And have some Olive Bread from Crossroads Bake Shop in Doylestown. Saving for company this week – or not…

  2. Just found your blog through a friend! We sometimes don’t realize how lucky we are do we? It’s a real treat to have access to so many great farms and markets. My kids really like the Birchwood raw milk (I think it’s because it’s Jersey milk and grass fed) and of course the organic ice cream! We try not to eat any pasteurized dairy and can’t have anything that’s been fed grain at all. It’s quite difficult to find these items and we are lucky enough to have them in our back yard! Do you know if the Flint Hill soft cow’s milk cheeses are raw? Grass-fed only? If so, that would be awesome! Might make it worth the trip to Richlandtown!

  3. Hi Kris,
    Thanks for your comment, and welcome to Bucks County Taste! According to their web site, Flint Hill’s cheeses are made from raw milk and it looks like only pastured. But give them a call to find out more, or speak with them at their booths at the Stockton Farmers’ Market (Sat & Sun) or Wrightstown Farmer’s Market (saturdays) where they sell.


  4. Hi Lynne, wonderful blog. I have really enjoyed it. I am taking a trip up to Hendrik’s with a young friend of mine to get some raw milk to make clotted cream for strawberry season! She and I get together for culinary adventure every few weeks. So this blog about where to get raw milk was very timely. Also looking forward to the cheese!

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