Onto Haring Bros. for meat for…

Onto Haring Bros. for meat for dinner! Stop #3 on Bucks Food tour. http://myloc.me/7jbva

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  1. Not to my knowledge, Ryan. But there are other places in Bucks you can get them. For one, None Such Market has antibiotic-hormone free chicken, as does Bolton’s in Silverdale. Pastured beef is available from vendors at a variety of farmers’ markets in Bucks – Meadowbrook Farms (Springtown), Purely Farm (Wrightstown, Stockton, Ottsville), Tussock Sedge Farm (in Blooming Glen) and several others. I think it’s time for me to do a post on pastured and all natural meat in Bucks!

  2. Sounds like an opportune business idea Lynne – Bucks County Food Tours! I’ve taken part in food tours in Manhattan that were a blast, why not Bucks?

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