Local asparagus is here!

Asparagus; MSClipArtMy friend Elaine, who grew up in wartime England, told me how the appearance of asparagus in the spring was a source of real joy during her childhood. It was the first fresh vegetable after a winter of canned goods.

I think we’ve lost that feeling of excitement at seeing the first fruits of our local soil. After all, we’ve been seeing asparagus (from Mexico) in the supermarkets for the past month. I’m guilty. I bought some. But this is different. After such a long, snowy winter, each sign of spring is particularly welcome.

And now, the first local vegetables are poking their heads out of the soil. I’ve spotted local asparagus in two places – None Such Farm Market and the Center Farm’s serve-yourself farm stand on Forest Grove Road (members of the Slack family also). I’m sure there are other places in the county. We grilled the asparagus last night (sigh). Quite wonderful.

Cherry_Belle_Radishes; photo courtesy Blue Moon AcresIn addition, Blue Moon Acres in Buckingham is now selling lovely little Cherry Belle radishes. I picked up some at None Such, but you can also buy them directly from Blue Moon on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 – 4 pm. Blue Moon is located at 2287 Durham Road (Route 413), just south of Route 263. Check out their Facebook page too.

The Doylestown Farmers’ Market opened last week and the Wrightstown Farmers’ Market will open on Saturday, May 1st. I’ll be publishing an article on all the seasonal farmers’ markets in Bucks, as well as year-round markets and farm stands, next week.

Here’s to spring and the beginning of our local growing season!

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