Fall apologies

I feel the need to apologize for the lightness of my posting the last few weeks. It’s really a combination of things. We were away in Maine for ten days in September, then the Jewish holidays, and then…well, some paying work (yippee), and also some household projects that demanded being done while the weather cooperates (the porch paint is drying as I type this). Oh, and I almost forgot…the Phillies.

We do have a bunch of interesting stories planned for the fall – like pumpkin picking, where to get apples, fall festivals, etc. You can expect more “inside” stories for the late fall and winter, as opposed to “growing” stuff. Think good restaurants, bars and great local wineries. Then let’s get ready for some good seasonal meals for Thanksgiving and even the December holidays, like pairing local food with local wine, and where to get fresh turkeys in Bucks. Be sure to check our Food Events in Bucks County calendar regularly, too. I update it every few days, and it is bursting with activities, especially on weekends.

As we come up on our first anniversary, it’s time to take a look at our future direction. We’d love your input (comment on this post below, or email us at: info@buckscountytaste.com). We plan to continue focusing on the great food and wine in our own “backyards,” and writing stories about the people behind the food. I want to start building “food maps” of Bucks County, too. Like where to get locally raised beef, poultry and pork. Or who is making cheese, where you can get good fish, gluten-free products, etc.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed, to be honest. I’ve been meeting so many interesting people and each one has a story to tell. I feel a certain obligation now, to both them and to our readership. Mark and I have started something of value, it seems, to Bucks County, and I’d like to be worthy of it. Then, of course, I often hear myself murmuring, “so much food, so little time…” as I think of all the restaurants, bars, markets and wineries we have yet to try.

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  1. Sometimes a slow schedule is one worth keeping. I enjoy each post that makes a new introduction to the Bucks County food scene. Keep up the good work!

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