Bucks County Taste is “on the map”

I am SO pleased with myself. I, a lowly little blogger with no HTML experience, have managed to create a Google Map locating all our Bucks County Taste posts. So cool!

NOTE: This is a work in progress, nowhere near complete. My plans are to eventually have specific maps for where to find Bucks County meats, cheeses, fish, farm markets, producers, as well as restaurants and bars we’ve written about. You can click on the map, locate the business, link to our post about it and even look up directions using Google.

Take a look and let me know what you think! Click here: Bucks County Taste Food Map.


View Bucks County Taste Food Map in a larger map

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  1. This is terrific! Thanks for your efforts~
    I also wanted to share with the bargain hunters… None Such Farm/Food Market now has 10% off your entire bill on Wednesdays and Thursdays! No strings attached. We love their meats, bakery, produce and so many great local finds and goodies!

    Happy Shopping!

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