Bucks County Foodshed Alliance – Annual Meeting

BCFA logoDon’t miss the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance’s annual meeting this Wednesday evening, January 6th. In case you’re not familiar with the Alliance’s great work, here is their vision:

Our schools, kitchens, restaurants and institutions serve freshly harvested, locally grown and produced, healthy food.

Our farmers earn viable livings producing food for us.

We meet friends and family at robust local farmers markets.

Our children know where their food comes from and how it grows and have an appreciation for the natural seasons of life.

We are all healthy because we are eating nutritionally dense, flavorful and life giving food.

Sounds pretty good to me! Here’s the agenda for Wednesday evening. Hope to see you there. Please consider getting involved.

  1. Annual Report
  2. Gathering of Public Input, discussion moderated by Board member, Susan Snipes-Wells. The BCFA solicits your input regarding the following queries. Your thoughts will help inform and guide the Board.
    • What can BCFA be doing to build/rebuild the foodshed of Bucks County? How will we know when it is built and well functioning?
    • How effectively does the BCFA engage the membership at large in achieving the mission of BCFA?
    • How effective is the BCFA in keeping the general public informed about its events and meetings?
    • How does the general public become aware of BCFA? What makes them join and/or partner with BCFA?
  3. Election of Board Members. If you or someone you know has skills to offer and may be interested in serving on our board of directors, please contact Robin Hoy at 215-860-7081 to submit a nomination.
  4. Refreshments and socializing (No BCFA meeting would be complete without local, great food!)

The meeting will take place at 7:30 pm, January 6, 2009 at the Wrightstown Village Library, 726 Penns Park Road, Wrightstown, PA. For more information, contact Robin Hoy at 215.860.7081 or ecorobinhood@comcast.net.

Update: See our follow-up of the meeting.

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  1. Thanks for sharing information about this organization, certainly a worthy cause! Will you be posting some follow up for those who cannot attend?


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