2010 Middletown Grange Fair

I think there are fewer things more pleasant than strolling on a balmy summer evening. So it was when we went to the Grange Fair Thursday night. There’s also a palpable excitement in the crowd. Is this what draws people to fairs, and what has for so long?

We were very hungry, arriving about 7 pm, so didn’t go for the famous Chicken Dinner. But I think we should have. We started with hot dogs, then a Caesar chicken wrap later, with soft ice cream for Mark. I don’t like to be negative or preachy, but I must say, the food at the Grange Fair leaves much to be desired. Lots of fried stuff and, let’s be honest, junk. And yours truly has been dealing with a digestive problem all day. Enough said. You may want to eat before going. In fact, it’s kind of ironic that the best food at the fair is in the Exhibition Halls, where local farmers and gardeners bring their veggies for judging.

But we were in a rush. Mark wanted to see the bunnies! And the goats, the sheep, and the cows, etc. But especially the bunnies. In a previous life he had house rabbits, and we probably would today if we didn’t have a terrier and a schnauzer. I also really enjoyed watching one of the judging events for sheep. All of the handlers/owners were teenagers. It still amazes me to see kids and teens so into raising animals in this day and age of tech toys and other forms of entertainment. But it is alive and well in Bucks, and hope it stays that way.

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  1. You should have tried tthe roast beef sandwich that came with the potato salad. It was wonderful and much tastier than a hotdog!

  2. I have been volunteering at the Grange Fair for the past 15 plus years as one of the 4-H rabbit leaders and I have to admit the chicken dinner is the best at the fair. We usually buy the pork roll sandwiches or grange pizza first and then we try to only purchase items from the grange booths to support that wonderful farming organizations. I have to admit the vendor food was not up to par this year (but maybe it is getting old to me) — So we cheat and bring our favorite food and share with our other 4-H ers or do runs out to Tanners for goodies their!!

    Thanks for sharing your wondrerful pictures of our 4-H’ers

    P.S. Try to come next year on a Saturday night – the 4-H’ers show their steers from the beef club and it is usually only standing room available (or just come everyday!!)

  3. […] If some of these “scattered thunderstorms” can hold off, it looks like a pretty decent weekend. Which is great news if you are heading over to the 2011 Middletown Grange Fair. We will be going tonight – for the BBQ Chicken Dinner, of course, and to see the bunnies and maybe buy a raffle for a cow. Oh, and to see the Mutts Gone Nuts show. That’s gotta be fun with a name like that. To see photos from last year’s show, click here. […]

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