A feast for the eyes and the tummy

Just got the latest installment of Canal House Cooking, the seasonal cookbook series by Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer. Yum. A feast indeed for both the eyes and the stomach. Beautiful, luscious photography and simple, enticing recipes. (To learn more about Canal House Cooking, see our previous post.)

This new edition is a small collection of Hamilton and Hirsheimer’s favorite Italian recipes, and is the introduction to a year of celebrating Italian food, “Casa Canale” style. Three more Italian-themed cookbooks will follow this year, the next coming out in November.

Si mangia bene! This is indeed the way to eat well Italian-style. The book’s table of contents alone makes me salivate. A whole section on Pizza, Riso & Pasta. Antipasti recipes (including an Italian version of grilled cheese – only made with mozzarella and bread, coated in panko and fried. Works for me.). Contorni (side dishes), Pesce (fish) and Carne (meat). And for a “Finale,” fig gelato, chilled strawberries and Moscato d’Asti, and Sweet Ricotta and Shaved Chocolate.

The slim volume is a tease, for sure. But at only 47 pages it beckons me to try every recipe. Each section has only 2 to 6 recipes, which is manageable!

You can order the book – just $10 – online at the Canal House website. Consider buying a subscription rather than buying the books individually. For $49.95 per year, you’ll receive all three books, which are usually priced at $19.95 each. Go for it. Mangia bene!

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