Zagat’s 10 Best Waterside Restaurants…

Golden Pheasant Inn_canalside; photo courtesy of the Golden Pheasant InnCLICK HERE for an update:
14 Great Waterside Restaurants (including 8 that Zagat missed)

…five of which are in Bucks County or nearby! Kudos to these restaurants for being acknowledged by Zagat and their readers as the Ten Best Waterside Restaurants in the Philadelphia Area (and Bucks!). For the key to the ratings, click here. The highest rating is ’30’.

Hamilton’s Grill Room
8 Coryell St. (bet. Lambert Ln. & Union St.)
Lambertville, New Jersey
PH:  609.397.4343
RATINGS  Food: 26   Decor: 22   Service: 24   Cost:  $52

Golden Pheasant Inn
763 River Rd. (Dark Hollow Rd.)
Erwinna, PA
PH: 610.294.9595
RATINGS  Food: 23  Decor: 24  Service: 23  Cost: $47

Yardley Inn
82 E. Afton Ave. (Delaware Ave.)
Yardley, PA
PH: 215.493.3800
RATINGS  Food:22  Decor: 22  Service: 22  Cost: $40

Centre Bridge Inn
2998 N. River Rd. (Upper York Rd.)
New Hope, PA
PH: 215.862.9139
RATINGS  Food: 22  Decor: 23  Service: 21  Cost: $53

Black Bass HotelBlack Bass_riverside; photo courtesy of the Black Bass Hotel
3774 River Rd. (Old Carversville Rd.)
Lumberville, PA
PH: 215.297.9260
RATINGS  Food: 21  Decor: 24  Service: 19  Cost: $53

Where’s your favorite place to dine riverside or canal side?

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  1. We just went to the Black Bass for brunch on Sunday and had a wonderful time! Great setting. It was very comfortable and we were right by the window. The service was good. My husband really enjoyed it! The food was good and the champagne glass was always refilled!

  2. I almost hate to give out one of our favorite Riverside restaurants but here it is: Charcoal on River Rd., Yardley. Fresh innovative food and it’s a BYOB!

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