Signs of spring

For some, it’s robins, tweeting in the garden. For others, it’s little snowdrop flowers poking their heads up between the ivy. For us, we know it’s spring in two ways. First, by the increase in joggers and bikers going up and down our street. Followed by the furious, indignant barking of our miniature Schnauzer, Canta (Cody, our terrier, has given over most of the “danger, danger” barking to her; he takes care of the yard).

Oink Johnson's BBQ; photo by L. GoldmanThen last Sunday, on our way up to Lake Nockamixon, we spied another sure sign that spring is here. Oink Johnson’s BBQ stand is up and running. In case you’re not familiar with this great little food gem just north of Plumsteadville, see our post from last year, when Jack, who runs Jack’s Dog Farm, decided to share his culinary skills with the world, turning out wonderful, smokey ribs, pulled pork, chicken and beef brisket every weekend. And the sides (sigh). Homemade cole slaw, green beans & potatoes with ham hocks, baked beans and corn bread.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a drive this weekend and stop by on your way to…wherever (Suggestion: Chubby’s Dairy Barn is nearby in Plumsteadville, and oWowCow Creamery is up the road in Ottsville. You know. Dessert.)

Happy Spring!

Oink Johnson’s BBQ, 215.518.2056, or 215.766.8840. Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only. On Route 611 in Pipersville, just north of Plumsteadville.

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