Kudos to Pallante’s Italian Hoagie

Catch the latest “Where’s the best…?” contest run by Glen Macnow, sports broadcaster on WIP. This year – hoagies. And who came in number 7? Pallante’s in Richboro. They had to come all the way out to beautiful Bucks County (but South Jersey doesn’t seem far? Hmmpf!). Here’s Glen’s description of the Pallante hoagie:

By our calculation, it’s 34 miles from the WIP studios to beautiful Richboro, PA, so – even after a half-dozen loyal listeners recommended this place, what were the chances we would going to spend upwards of an hour driving out there? Not good. Fortunately, we were able to arrange delivery – and even strong-armed our intern into paying the tip.

Tell you what – it would have been worth the drive. Guisseppe Pallante’s “Don Supreme” is one outstanding hoagie, a balance of top-notch prosciutto, soppressata, pungent shredded provolone and oil-dipped long hot peppers. Add purple onion and lay it gently on a seeded roll and, well… so good I could eat it for breakfast. Hell, I could eat it for dessert.

Glen apparently ate almost sixty Italian hoagies over the last sixty days (a tough job but someone has to do it) and the Hoagie Hunt Finals were held last Saturday at the Fox and Hound Pub & Grille in King of Prussia. I like Glen’s description of his tasting process, especially his comment about loyalty to one’s favorite sandwich place. See the full article on WIP’s website and the article in the Philadelphia Inquirer for more:

Yes, folks, I really did eat 56 Italian hoagies over the past two months, determined to find the greatest sandwich in the Delaware Valley. From South Jersey to South Philly, from Lower Delco to Lower Bucks, I tried to hit every neighborhood. I sampled good, bad and ugly as I hit delis, specialty stores and more than a couple of neighborhood taverns.

You may thoroughly disagree with my ratings, or any one of my reviews. That’s okay. Picking a hoagie is like picking a girlfriend – what works for me may be abhorrent to your taste. One thing I’ve learned, everyone thinks their favorite sandwich place is the best. Which is as it should be.

I guess Mark and I are going to have to make yet another exception to our low-carb diet (sigh) and try it out.

130 Almshouse Road,
Richboro, PA
PH: 215.364.9750

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  1. Pallante’s has been our favorite hoagie place for the past year! For Sunday afternoon football parties, we often order a couple of the large hoagies and ask them to cut them into eight. Whenever we have brought them to someone’s house, I am always sure to bring a menu or two, as everyone is so impressed!

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