Ivyland Country Store

by guest blogger Elisabeth Villarroel,

I tend to drive the same route to and from work everyday and, although there are a few ways I could get home that would take about the same time, for two years I’ve stuck to my routine. Then…there was a road closing. (A strange occurrence in Bucks County, right?) So, I started trying new routes and, as I was driving on Jacksonville Rd., out of the corner of my eye I saw a sandwich board sign that read “Ivyland Country Store Now Open Saturdays.” I was intrigued because, due to the recent detours, I had just discovered the Ivyland borough and was quickly falling in love with their adorable little town and park.

Turns out I had passed the store before, but hadn’t noticed it. Nestled in a residential area, I was surprised to find a bustling deli. The menu is standard fare with a lot to choose from and quite a selection of prepared foods, most of which are homemade, and anything that isn’t, is delivered daily. The chicken salad (their secret recipe!) and seafood pasta are among their most popular specialties, as is the hand-carved turkey sandwich. A creature of habit (see previous paragraph), I, of course, haven’t moved past getting anything besides breakfast sandwiches and tater tots, because they are available all day and have become a part of our weekend routine.

Open for breakfast and lunch, the store gets most of its business from locals and the neighboring industrial park, which is evident if you stop by during the lunch rush on a weekday and see the party trays being assembled for company meetings.

Originally built in 1876, the building first served as a frame store and then as a dry goods store. Current owner, Jimmy Primodie, has been running the deli for more than 17 years and has kept the old-fashioned country store feeling alive—you can still buy penny candy, help out with a jigsaw puzzle, flip through the New York Times anthology, or chat with the friendly faces behind the counter and locals sipping coffee. The store’s roots in the community go beyond the history of the building; the deli is a presence in the borough, sponsoring the firefighters’ breakfasts as well as donating food to the Ivyland Peach Festival in August.

Although visiting the Ivyland Country Store feels like a blast from the past, they definitely have their heads in the present, with a presence on Facebook, where they announce daily specials, and a website that offers online ordering. Delivery is available as well at lunch time. This summer, the store began opening on Saturdays, which is a treat for those of us who can’t get there during the week and work (way) outside the delivery radius!

Ivyland Country Store
67 Gough Avenue
Ivyland, PA 18974
Open: 7am-3pm Monday through Friday, 8am-2pm Saturday

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  1. Dear Elisabeth,
    Thank you so much for coming in to see us! You really understand the atmosphere we try to create here in the store and captured the true feel of “The Ivyland”. We appreciate your beautifully written article and look forward to all the visitors it will generate here in our little boro.

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