Happy at The Perk

by guest blogger Emily Trostle

The Perk, on the corner of Walnut and Main Streets in Perkasie, is a hot-spot to the Sellersville/Perkasie/Hilltown crowd. Built in 1854 as a hotel, the sports posters and photos around the restaurant let diners see into the past of Perkasie. From a baseball manufacturing company to old sports jerseys to photos of Perkasie as no one today could remember, the Perk is proud of its and the town’s history.

On any given night you’ll witness the awkward first dates, the romantic anniversaries, and everything in between. It seems that almost everyone here is a regular. Depending on the night, the atmosphere can be quiet and subdued or loud and boisterous.

In the last two and a half years, I’ve visited the Perk too many times to count. I’ve yet to have a “bad” experience dining there. I have my usuals: Raspberry Chicken Salad, French Onion Soup, Bourbon Chicken Sandwich, Fries with Old Bay seasoning, and Perk Pierogies. The rib eye steak special was a meal worth its weight in gold. For Bucks County Taste, though, I wanted to stray from my norm. The best way to do that, of course, is the specials of the day.

I chose the Scallop Capellini with French Onion Soup and a glass of Avia Pinot Grigio. I’m a huge fan of the soup, which the Perk serves slightly cloudy with huge croutons and not as much salt as most onion soups out there. Going easy on the salt really allows the onion and beef flavors to come through. After the soup, I was completely content – until the next course came into view: a pasta bowl brimming with fresh scallops and corn with a light corn-cream sauce and chunks of tender pork belly, all atop a healthy serving of angel hair pasta and garnished with sliced scallions.

It was difficult to hold off on tasting while I took pictures. I managed to through 30 seconds of photography, then dug into the scallops, which were neither overScallop Capellini at The Perkcooked nor overseasoned. But while the scallops were supposed to be the main attraction, what really made this dish was the corn. Sweet corn right off the cob, delicately cooked so that it was still crisp.

Corn husks and cobs were used to flavor the sauce. I’m not a fan of overly thick cream sauces (like Alfredo), but this sauce was delightful. Light, sweet, buttery, with a slight saltiness from the pork belly. And, may I mention the pasta was perfectly cooked? Overdone pasta just kills a place for me. If you can’t properly cook pasta, how can you possibly cook anything else? None of those worries here.

While never hungry or let down after a meal at the Perk, straying from my usuals paid off.

For those looking for a place with modest prices, great food and easy conversation, the Perk’s worth a visit. The best time to go is Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, or Friday and Saturday for lunch. For the crowd looking for excitement, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights are the time to go. Reservations aren’t accepted Friday or Saturday nights, but you can call in to inquire about wait times.

The Perk
501 E. Walnut Street
Perkasie, PA

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  1. We have been regulars at “The Perk” since 1996 when we moved back up north from Florida and we have always enjoyed the experience. Larry and his staff are always so pleasant and dedicated to catering to our every pleasure. The menu is wonderful! Anyone looking for a great selection of appetizing and delicious meals must come and visit “The Perk”. Believe me you WILL come back! Try their juicy burgers and home-made chips. By the way, we enjoy their wonderful selections of wines and cocktails. In case one might not have noticed, we love “The Perk”!

    Fran & BJ Girard

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