Daddypops does it right

by guest blogger Elisabeth Villarroel

In 2008, Hatboro diner Daddypops was featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. If you go there today, chances are you’ll recognize some of the same regulars featured in the segment, as well as the waitresses and cook. In fact, you get the feeling that not much changes at Daddypops, which is a good thing when you have a place with great food and great people.

The diner itself dates back to 1953, but it was opened as Daddypops in 1982 by Ken and Beth Smith, who still own the diner today. When you walk in you feel like you have gone back to a time much earlier than the 1980s. A classic jukebox, old-fashioned barber chairs at the counter, and other vintage memorabilia give the impression that the place has been around a lot longer. And another thing that doesn’t change are the faces. Daddypops has a very loyal base of diners who you’ll begin to recognize after a few visits. The wait staff remembers their diners as well; even relatively infrequent visitors like me are greeted like family.

Scrapple was Daddypops’ featured specialty on the show and the Turkey Salad is the recipe on the Food Network’s website, but I haven’t tried either because I can’t bear the thought of not ordering my favorite, the Daddypops Broccoli and Cheddar omelette. While certainly not an unusual omelette combination, Daddypops does it right. Abundant cheese and loads of broccoli florets (not too many stems) make their take on a standard breakfast dish the best in the area. And then you have their homefries. Homemade and served “wit or witout” onions (wit, of course!), you don’t need to ask for these well done, they are perfect and crisp – no limp, undercooked potatoes here. My husband is a big fan of the corned beef hash, which he tries everywhere, but only reorders when it is good. Daddypops’ hash is good enough to be his regular meal there.

Portion sizes are generous too. The only thing not big enough at Daddypops is the seating. With only 10 or so booths and counter space, you are almost guaranteed a wait on the weekends, but it is well worth it. While it may look like a long line, it does move fast – and it’s a friendly line; each time we’ve waited we’ve had nice conversations with the people around us. How can you not be in a good mood when you know a delicious Daddypops meal awaits!

Daddypops (no website)
232 North York Road
Hatboro, PA 19040-2610
Note: Cash only, open 6am-2pm

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