Cozy, comfy winter meals – BYOB

Update 1/16/12: This restaurant closed Fall 2011.

Is there anything nicer than cozying up by a roaring fire with a drink and good food this time of year? Yes, when someone else is doing the cooking!

I just received an email from one of our favorite BYOB restaurants, The Cafe at Rosemont. We’ve only been to this warm, comfy little restaurant a few times, and then only for weekend breakfast. Their food is delicious and inventive, and we always leave satisfied. They also have tapas every Thursday evenings. But every Wednesday evening they have a special dinner, usually around a global theme. (Get on their email list to be informed each week.) Next week will be “The French Alps.” But this week… in honor of The King – Elvis Presley – who would have been 76 years old this Saturday, they are offering this 3-course meal for $24. I’m humming and swinging already!

1st Course

Vernon Presley’s Black-eyed Peas & Bacon Soup

Col. Parker’s Ambrosia Salad

2nd Course

Priscilla’s Glazed Ham with Sweet Potatoes

“Hunk of Burning Love” Chicken with Barbecue Sauce & Rice Pilaf

“Suspicious Minds” Baked Grits with Cheese & Greens


“Love Me Tender” Peanut Butter & Banana Mousse

“Jailhouse Rock” Pecan Bourbon Pie

And I really couldn’t put it better than Lola Wykoff, owner of the Cafe, when she said in her email,

Winter days can leave you longing for an easy escape and a good meal in addition to warm feet … This time of year can be hard on a small business, so we ask our fans to keep supporting us and tell your friends to give us a try.

It’s good to remember that as much as we may sometimes want to curl up and stay at home, our favorite restaurants need our support especially this time of year. Check out our map of BYOBs in Bucks and nearby to find more great eats.

The Cafe at Rosemont
Corner of Routes 519 & 604
Rosemont, NJ

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  1. We’ve been going to the Cafe at Rosemont for more than 20 years, both for their great breakfasts (potatoes from heaven!) and their dinners. As at so many other area restaurants, BYO policy is a plus: the ability to bring a fine bottle of wine and enjoy a reasonably priced, home-cooked meal is one of life’s great pleasures.

    Keep up the good blogging and let us know of other, perhaps less-known, BYO placed in the area.

  2. For years and years, The Cafe has been home away from home. The owner, staff, atmosphere and food make me feel good. The pleasant drive away from tourist crowds is important to me. From their soups to scones, they nourish with real food and honest intent to please.

  3. The Cafe is a treat you don’t want to miss–winter or summer. It’s casual, calming and feels just like eating at your mother’s or grandmother’s–assuming they a good cooks. The ever-changing offerings are inventive and always delicious. It is a warm, friendly, and happy place to dine. After years and years of dinners at the Cafe, I’m still waiting for my husband to take me there for a weekend brunch.

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