Bucks local food photo of the week: Seafood, fried chicken or chocolate ganache?

Another tough one.

Every week we choose three photos from local food establishments and share them with our social media fans. They get to choose the most delicious one. This week the choice was between:

1) Fruits de Mer, a savory dish of seafood in savory tomato broth laced with saffron, garlic, leeks, orange zest, white wine and fennel, from personal chef Samara Salisbury, Chef Sam Cooks, based in Bucks County ;

2) Fried Chicken with Fried Egg, Gravy and Frisee from Charcoal in Yardley (photo credit: Wendy Simon) and;

3) Chocolate Ganache Tarts with pink peppercorn infused whipped cream and toasted graham flour pastry from Kelly Madey of One Sweet Baker, based in Doylestown.

Charcoal’s fried chicken (one of my favorites, I’ll admit) was very popular (“Charcoal continually pleases & surprises me. Never disappointed always pleased. Constantly reinventing. They know their craft.”)

Kelly Madey’s Chocolate Ganache Tarts were a favorite too (“Chocolate, oh the chocolate dessert is best.”) How could they not be?

But yesterday was a dreary day and as many people said, the Fruits de Mer looked like the perfect antidote to the Monday blues (“Looks incredible, especially on this cold rainy day!!” “I want a big bowl of #1!”).

So, much thanks to chef Samara Salisbury for a warm sight on a raw, winter day. Find out more about Chef Sam on her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram (where I found her delicious photo).

Bucks County Taste loves featuring local food and businesses. Each week, we share some of the awesome food photos we’ve found to highlight the best of what the Delaware River Valley has to offer. Got a photo you’d like to share? Email us at info@buckscountytaste.com.

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