Bucks local food photo of the week: Ribs, crab cakes or luscious dessert?

So (baby) it’s cold outside. That’s why we chose these three local food photos this week: belly warming ribs, hearty crab cakes and piping hot cappuccino with chocolate dessert.

Our social media fans had to choose between:

1) Cappuccino and chocolate from Caffe Galleria in Lambertville, NJ;

2) Ribs, barbecue beans and cornbread from Hickory Kitchen in Doylestown, and;

3) Crab cakes with fried onions on top, on a bed of  string beans from ComfortFood & Kitchenette (photo credit: Wendy Simon).

The dessert fans went for the cappuccino (of course). And while the crab cakes were a big hit (almost a third of responses), Hickory Kitchen’s mouth-watering ribs won the day with over half the vote.

Hickory Kitchen does great barbecue, but a lot more (veggie dishes too). See their full menu here and when you stop by, let them you heard about it on Bucks County Taste. 😉

Bucks County Taste loves featuring local food and businesses. Each week, we share some of the awesome food photos we’ve found to highlight the best of what the Delaware River Valley has to offer. Got a photo you’d like to share? Email us at info@buckscountytaste.com.

For more local food events, check out our full food calendar, Food Events in Bucks County.

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