Bucks local food photo of the week: Mussels vs. Waffles

Every week we choose three photos from local food establishments and share them with our social media fans. They get to choose the most delicious one. This week the choice was between:

1) Mussels appetizer from DeAnna’s in Lambertville;

2) Grilled Fish Tacos from Poco’s in Doylestown and;

3) Waffles and ice cream from Nina’s Waffles in Doylestown and New Hope.

Local Food Photo of the Week_Dec 20 2016

And the winner is…Nina’s Waffles, with DeAnna’s mussels a close second and lots of folks also voting for Poco’s Grilled Fish Tacos. But as more than one person suggested, why not all three?

Bucks County Taste loves featuring local food and businesses. Each week, we share some of the awesome food photos we’ve found to highlight the best of what the Delaware River Valley has to offer. Got a photo you’d like to share? Email us at info@buckscountytaste.com.

For more local food events, check out our full food calendar, Food Events in Bucks County.

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