Best cheese steak in Bucks?

by guest blogger Susan Sprague Yeske

We were in a paint store – a Benjamin Moore shop in New Britain – when the subject turned to local restaurants. When my husband offered the information that I’m a restaurant critic, one of the clerks behind the counter excitedly told us he knew where to find “the best cheese steaks in Bucks County.”

He then gave a rapturous description of the steak sandwiches crafted at Mamma D’s in Pipersville, where former musician-turned-chef Luigi (Louie) Desiato offers his own brand of old-fashioned Italian cuisine and tomato sauces crafted under the watchful eyes of his mother and aunts.

What else was there to do but to test-drive the sandwich by driving north on Route 611 to Mamma D’s with its tract of farmland. It’s there Louie grows wine grapes and vegetables following organic practices, raises hogs for pork and sausage and has his eclectically decorated bar/restaurant.

At Mamma D’s you can order your cheese steak on a roll as long as my forearm, $6.95, or as cheese steak macaroni, $9.95. Each has a half-pound of Angus beef, thinly sliced, cheese, and Louie’s sauce if you want it.

What makes the sandwich stand out among others is not just the beef, which is excellent, but the warm semolina roll that was fresh-baked in the kitchen for our order. Soft, warm and inviting with a nicely crisped crust, fresh bread doesn’t get much better than this.

Whether it’s the best cheese steak in Bucks is a matter of personal opinion and taste. The only way to find out is by eating it yourself.  As an added bonus, this time of year the house red sauce is likely to be made using tomatoes from Louie’s garden.

Don’t forget a glass of Fratelli Desiato wine, made on the premises by Louie, wife Liz and their two sons. And enjoy the music that Louie makes part of the weekend experience.   Mangia!

Mamma D’s Italian Restaurant
6637 Easton Rd
Pipersville, PA 18947-9748
(215) 766-9468

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  1. after what restraunt impossible did for this place and gave them some pabilicity the restraunt still allows barn yard amimals to roam free. after trying to avoid a chicken on 611 i can not believe this place still has them. i will never go to this place as long as those barn yard animals are still there

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