2013 – Best wings in (Upper) Bucks

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by guest blogger, John “Jack” Scott of the ViperClub

Big Daddy's wingsIt was a somewhat melancholy evening in mid-November that turned even more dismal after I received a message from ViperClub co-founder, Brent Gobrecht, that read bluntly, “Big Daddy passed away. We’re at the Wagon Wheel, where are you?”

It’s hard not to reminisce when someone close passes away. Eric “Big Daddy” Reinbott was kind of a legend in the Quakertown area. He was part-vagabond and part-recluse to those who didn’t know him well. To those that did, he was that member of your family that you always expect to be there with you. I’m sad that today, in body, he is not.

It was a little less than a year ago when Brent and I sat down with Big Daddy at his bar, presented him with another copy of our article, and congratulated him for one more year recognized as having the best wings in Bucks County. He was as flattered and proud as the first year he won. He went upstairs and brought back down a scrapbook of article after Big Daddy_croparticle I had written. Whether he won the best wings or not, he proudly kept each article. We talked about wings and what it was Brent and I looked for. He even proceeded to divulge his history at the General Davis down in Southampton as well as his signature cooking method that he uses to obtain that perfect wing crisp. It is with all of this said that I tip my hat, and with a solemn nod, proudly honor Big Daddy’s Wagon Wheel Tavern with the best wings in Bucks County for the year of 2013.

Off the beaten path and just on the Bucks/Montgomery County border, is a quaint little pub, The Naceville Hotel. The Naceville continues to serve up consistently tasty wings and comes in at the #2 spot. McCoole’s at the Red Lion Inn continues to hone their recipe as well. They are not only back in the Top 10 but in the #3 position!

OBR logoPascale and her team at the Old Bethlehem Road Hotel present some excellent flavors and a dependable cooking style to their wings earning themselves the #4 spot this year.

Finally, the ViperClub is going to continue to solicit public opinion during 2014. Each year we publish our Top 10 and each year we receive strong opinions both agreeing and disagreeing with our choices. We want to remind everyone that our Top 10 contains the best places to find wings in Upper Bucks County, but great wings in Bucks County are found all over. Go out and try some places and let us know! We scour Internet sites looking for leads and read comments to help guide us, but we think, “Why not let comments come directly to us?” So we set up a special email address: BestWingsInBucks2014@yahoo.com. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think, give us suggestions, come out to meet us, or just say hello!

The Top 10 Wings in Upper Bucks

  1. Big Daddy’s Wagon Wheel Tavern, Quakertown PA

  2. The Naceville Hotel, Naceville PA

  3. McCoole’s at the Red Lion Inn, Quakertown PA

  4. Old Bethlehem Road Hotel, Quakertown PA

  5. Wycombe Publick House, Wycombe PA

  6. Jamison Pour House, Jamison PA

  7. Jamison Publick House, Pennsburg PA

  8. Riegelsville Inn, Riegelsville PA

  9. Mesquito Grille, Doylestown PA

  10. Gardenville Inn, Gardenville PA

Honorable Mention

Rising Sun Inn, Franconia PA. Just over the Montgomery County line is the Rising Sun Inn. They specialize in dishes prepared with buffalo meat and their buffalo wings are well worth the trip into a county over!

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  1. We at Naceville would like to thank you & our patrons! Truly happy we made #2 this year and strive hard to stay in the top 10! Hopefully we can hit #1 in 2014!!!

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