2012 – Best wings in (Upper) Bucks

Chicken wings_Rick's PhotostreamNote: Every year we welcome the Viper Club’s pick of the best wings in (Upper) Bucks County. While we at Bucks County Taste love a good wing, we bow to the expertise of Jack Scott and his wing-eating comrades. Enjoy!

by guest blogger Jack Scott,

This year presented one of the tightest, arguably one of the most heated debates, of the most closely scored Top 10 Best Wings in (Upper) Bucks we have ever had the pleasure of judging. With such a tightly contested competition we felt that while we must make the cutoff at ten, there are a few restaurants that deserve honorable mention: The Pineville Tavern (Pineville), The Tohickon Tavern (Ottsville), McCoole’s (Quakertown), The Brick Tavern (Quakertown), The Farmhouse (Doylestown), The Mesquito Grille (Doylestown), and across the river in Milford, NJ, The Ship Inn. These are all places worth stopping into for wings. I can promise you will not be disappointed.

We would like to welcome to our Top 10 the Penn Tap Room in Doylestown. The Tap Room offers up solid wings, cooked beautifully with a very pleasant sauce. There is a good kick with a nice pepper note.

While we know that the Jamison Publik House has a Pennsburg (Montgomery County) mailing address, looking at a map, the building is in Bucks County. The bottom line is, when you sit down to eat wings at the Publik House you are sitting within the Bucks County line limits, they qualify, they are delicious, and the restaurant itself is excellent all around.

Our top three picks were essentially a tie. After several return visits to each establishment, incorporating a more finite rating scale along with, countless emails back and forth, new score cards, and long-winded voice mail messages, we eventually agreed on the order of the top three:

The Old Bethlehem Road Hotel’s wings are personal favorites of ours. The chef is excellent. The owner, Pascale is proud of her restaurant and it shows. The wings here are positively outstanding. The Old Bethlehem Road Hotel also has some the most loyal clientele of any place we visited. I can’t remember a time when I ordered wings at the OBR and someone sitting near me failed to comment what an excellent choice I made and that, “they were rated best in Bucks.” I would quietly shrug and smile to myself. If Pascale chose her career path by looking to make people happy, she succeeded. No question. The Old Bethlehem Road Hotel has won the top spot for the last two years in a row and they are proud of displaying the accomplishment on their website. Personally, I love to walk into a restaurant and read on the menu, or on a wall, or see an article on display, where the place was recognized as having the best wings in Bucks County by the ViperClub. The OBR does ALL of that. So it is with a slightly heavy heart that they came in third place for 2012.

The Riegelsville Inn is another quintessential Bucks County building. Their wings are the right size, they have an almost perfect crisp, and the flavor is outstanding. They hang on to their number two spot for 2012.

The top spot in 2012 for the best blue collar food is one of the best blue collar joints. Where roadhouse meets steakhouse, Big Daddy’s Wagon Wheel Tavern never disappoints and has earned our number one spot. Whether you call it “Big Daddy’s” or the “Wagon Wheel,” you can always find cold beer on tap and hot wings ready to eat. They have a reasonable ‘All You Can Eat’ special during the week that allows the customer to change up wing flavors until there are no more notches left on their belt. The wings are consistently delicious with a perfect crisp. Out of the kitchen, the heat on the hot wings is just right, but don’t let my opinion discourage you in anyway. They are happy to ramp it up or back it off to suit your taste.

Finally, the ViperClub is going to try something new this year. Each year we publish our Top 10 and each year we receive strong opinions both agreeing and disagreeing with our choices. We want to remind everyone that our Top 10 contains the best places to find wings in Upper Bucks County, but great wings in Bucks County are found all over. Go out and try some places and let us know! We scour Internet sites looking for leads and read comments to help guide us, but we thought, “Let’s relax the ViperClub’s tradition of being so aloof towards the public. Why not let comments come directly to us?” So we set up an email address. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think, give us suggestions, or just say hello! BestWingsInBucks2013@yahoo.com

The Top Ten Wings in (Upper) Bucks

  1. Big Daddy’s Wagon Wheel Tavern, Quakertown
  2. Riegelsville Inn, Riegelsville
  3. Old Bethlehem Road Hotel, Quakertown
  4. Jamison Pour House, Jamison
  5. Jamison Publik House, Pennsburg
  6. Naceville Hotel, Sellersville
  7. Penn Tap Room, Doylestown
  8. New Britain Inn, New Britain
  9. The Perk, Perkasie
  10. Fran’s Pub, New Hope
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  1. Hey Guys! Many Thanks from the Old Bethlehem Road Hotel for putting us on your list for the third year in a row. While we didn’t get the top spot this year, we are proud to be in really great company. You guys are right, there are lots of places with great wings thoughout Upper Bucks. Thanks for continuing to make us work towards delivering our best every day. Warmest Regards, Pascale from the OBR Hotel

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