Putting up tomatoes – the easy way

It’s a beautiful, cool day here in Wycombe. Instead of working at the computer, I’m thinking of “putting up” veggies and fruit.

Found this nice website by the Penn State Cooperative Extension that has lots of tips on freezing, canning and preserving our Bucks County bounty.

Check out the boards at Chowhound, and if you have a subscription to Cooks Illustrated , they have suggestions as well. What with the tomato blight this year, I’d recommend grabbing all the good tomatoes you see and preserving or freezing them.

Blooming Glen Farm tomatoes

Here’s a “quick-and-dirty” method for freezing tomatoes that I was taught last year by Miles Slack at the Center Farm in Forest Grove. Pick up a box of overripes for less money and follow this:

  1. Wash tomatoes and cut off all damaged parts and stems. You do NOT have to remove the skins.
  2. Lay out on cookie sheet and place in freezer.
  3. Once tomatoes are frozen, remove and place in ziploc freezer bag until you want to use.
  4. When it is time to use tomatoes, place in a large pot and let them slowly defrost at room temperature.
  5. Drain in colander, saving tomato juice (to drink or use in soup stock.)
  6. Separate and discard skins and any seeds.
  7. Use pulp in sauce (which will be so sweet) or other recipes.
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