Welcome oWowCow to Wrightstown!

Small batch

oWowCow Creamery opened their second location today – and diets throughout Lower and Central Bucks have just been issued a challenge.

In case you’ve never heard of oWowCow Creamery, allow me to fill you in.

I first met John Fezzuoglio two years ago just months before he opened his first store in Ottsville, on Route 412, in Upper Bucks County. We got into a passionate discussion on the value of local sourcing. Well, mostly I listened. John knew so much more than I did at the time and he was about to put his money where his mouth was. Since then, John and I have had many long conversations about ice cream, local sourcing and even, G-d.

Some of you may wonder why I am so supportive of oWowCow. It’s not just that the ice cream is wonderful. I have several reasons, both intellectual and emotional.

Intellectually, I know the very real impact oWowCow is having on the local economy. When their business grows (30% per year), they need more from their suppliers – more cream, more honey, more eggs, more fruit. Got the picture? And I know of few others in Bucks County that are taking local sourcing as seriously as John Fezzuoglio. He’s as passionate about it as he is about ice cream (three kinds of vanilla, no kidding).

They work very hard to find local sources, and support even the smallest local grower – like getting their mint from the Newtown Elementary garden. So you folks who buy your ice cream on sale at the Acme, don’t go complaining about prices – this is super premium, small batch, artisanal ice cream. And your money is going right back into the local Bucks economy.

Emotionally, the ice cream is, well, luscious. And interesting, creative and complex. And very, very good.

Like the Vanillas. John makes three kinds – Tahitian, Madagascar and Indonesian. To hear him describe each is like listening to a sommelier. And they are all made with the finest extracts available made by the oldest extraction company in the country who cold press the beans (like fine olive oil) and use a slow percolation process.

I asked why not use beans in the ice cream, instead of extract? Bless, John’s daughter, informs me that many ice cream makers do that just to get the flecked look in the ice cream. The bean pod has no actual vanilla flavor.

The other emotional aspect is that as I’ve gotten to know John and Bless, I’ve been honored to become friends with two very nice people. I wish them much success. They’ve worked hard for it.

For now, Bless is just thrilled opening has finally come and familiar faces are walking in the door. Customers from their Ottsville store that are happy to have oWowCow so much closer.

The new location is in Carousel Village, a collection of stores, a large garden center, an old-fashioned carousel and a small kiddie train, and even, an exercise center (at least those folks will feel justified in stopping by for a cone). Carousel Village is at 591 Durham Rd. (Route 413) in Wrightstown Township, just a few miles north of Newtown. Their summer hours are: Monday – Saturday, 11 am – 10 pm, Sundays, 11 am – 9 pm. Phone: 215.598.3248/3249

Click on any of the photos below to enlarge. Enjoy!


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  1. We were very pleased to be able to stop by on opening day for desert from our favorite ice cream producer…now much closer to us, too! That’s the good news AND the bad news…LOL…closer means more ice cream. Diet? Schmiet!

  2. I read about owcow in the newspaper, Courier-Post, here
    in South Jersey ( Gibbstown,NJ ). I would like to take a trip
    up to get a taste of your fine ice cream – what would be
    an opportune time to visit. I expect the mileage one way
    would be about 65 or 70 miles. I’m retired, so whatever
    time you suggest would be OK with me. Jim Donnelly

  3. Hi Jim,

    Glad you’ve heard about oWowCow. They are open everyday from 11 am to 9 pm (10 pm on weekends). Come by whenever is convenient for you!

    thanks for reading Bucks County Taste,

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